Metatropolis: Green Space Out Today + Metatropolis Trade PB On the Way

Congratulations to my former Metatropolis collaborators, who have done it yet again and created a second sequel to our original Hugo-nominated shared world audio anthology, this one called Metatropolis: Green Space. Original Metatropolitans Elizabeth Bear, Tobias Buckell, Jay Lake and Karl Schroeder and joined this time around by Mary Robinette Kowal, Ken Scholes (both of whom were also on hand for the Audie Award-winning first sequel, Metatropolis: Cascadia) and Seanan McGuire. Yeah, I suspect you’ve heard of all these authors, right?

I am really delighted that this series has done so well. Fill your ears with it right now. 

Speaking of which, the first Metatropolis anthology, which had made the leap to print, is coming out in trade paperback format in a month: November 13th, to be exact, i.e, just in time for the holidays (it’s also still available in audio and eBook). And now you know what to get everybody on your list. Uh, along with of the individual authors’ other books, too.  Because books are the perfect gifts, print, audio or electronic. Trust me on this one.

10 Comments on “Metatropolis: Green Space Out Today + Metatropolis Trade PB On the Way”

  1. Sigh. I loved the first anthology, in print, but just don’t love audiobooks. I’ve been hoping since Cascadia was announced that it would be printed, but no luck so far. In any case, congrats to all those involved! Who knows, perhaps someday I’ll give “listening to human voices” another try.

  2. Love this series, love the shared world you’ve all built, and love that it’s so well-produced in audio. I was hoping for another sf TV cast as narrators (Firefly, hey!) but the all-star cast they put together is pretty fantastic as well. (As a note, all of these original stories are eligible for award nominations as stories for their length, no matter what strange decisions a Hugo Award committee may make.) I’m bummed that we won’t get more Scalzi humor into this one (c’mon, churros of the dystopian collapse future!) but I’m really interested to see what McGuire will bring to the series.

  3. I do love giving books as presents — they’re so easy to wrap and mail! (Unlike, say, the didgeridu I sent to my brother in L.A. one year…)

  4. I, too, would like to second the wishes for print editions of the books after the first Metatropolis. It was immensely enjoyable and introduced me to the work of Jay Lake. I’ve got a copy of it floating around my apartment, though I’d be more likely to purchase an ebook now-a-days.

  5. I’m not deaf (though my hearing isn’t what it used to be), but I absolutely cannot focus on audiobooks. Plus, I can read about 5 times faster than anyone can talk, so audio seems like such a waste of my time. Paper and ebooks for me.

  6. I’m with anonydude and Lurkertype, with one other issue: Audible’s DRM gives me gas, I live in fear of having my fiction quarantined on obsolete hardware. Is there any chance that volumes 2 and volume 3 will follow volume 1 into hardcopy or ebook? PLEASE? I loved metaTropolis, I just can’t make myself buy the sequels as long as they’re audiobook only.

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