Today’s New Books and ARCs, 10/18/13

Nothing like a hearty stack of new books and ARCs to take you into the weekend. Take a look and tell me in the comments which of these titles calls out to you, like a texty siren.

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  1. I know nothing about the book “Hell Bent”, but I love the name of the author: Devon Monk. Wish I had a cool name like that.

  2. What’s Shifter about? Looks like a short story anthology.

    Definitely tempting to me, though.

  3. I do think the Dan Simmons is a reissue. I’ve seen it, or something like it, floating around in paperback. Since virtually all my other Simmons works are hardcover I would likely buy this reissue though.

  4. I put HILD on my library reserve list right this minute. I loved SLOW RIVER and have to pull it out for a re-read.

  5. I hadn’t realized Melanie Rawn had a new series out – much less that Thornlost is the third book in that series…

  6. Thornlost is an incredibly intriguing title!

    It makes me a little sad to read glwilson’s comment that it’s the third in a series, because it would slow down my ability to check it out. I’m generally rather rigid about reading sets in order. I guess you don’t always get that luxury?

  7. Well, Phoenix Rising, of course. But there is a possibility — just a possibility, mind — that I have some predisposition to that attitude.

    I’m surprised you just got that one now… it’s been out almost a year!

  8. HellBent is the first in the successor series to the eight volume Allie Beckstrom series. Since I haven’t read Magic without Mercy yet (the last) that’s all I know about it.

    Swords of Exodus is the sequel to Dead Six, also in the pile and unread.

    I’m really getting behind in my reading. I’m going to blame Jan Bay’s How to Train a Wild Elephant.

  9. I recently picked up Shifter at Rose City ComicCon and it was, imo, an excellent read with great artwork to back up the story line.

  10. Getting to read a version of “Flashback” that doesn’t have all the Century War/Eurabia bull-pucky in? Tempting!

    New Nancy Collins? Even more tempting! Makes me want to go back and get the previous Golgotham volume(s), in fact!

  11. Whatever you people do, do NOT read “The Flight of the Silvers”

    …says the author, in a baffling attempt at reverse psychology.

    (Thanks, John.)

  12. Sword of Exodus. I read the previous book, Dead Six, and really enjoyed the pacing and details.

  13. What is the thin black thing, between Second Verse and LoveDeath ?

    I can’t quite read the title or author’s first name, though I think the last name is “Gray Lin”. Googling that isn’t answering the question…


  14. RE: G. W Herbert, the answer to your question is
    ARCHIMEDES NESSELRODE by Justine Graykin. There is an amazon page for it, and she has a wordpress:

    that’s all i know about it.

  15. One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to make up stories for the titles of books I hadn’t read. (I made up several for Slan and was really disappointed when I finally read the book) So Shifter really calls to me just because it’s a great, evocative title.

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