Video Game Update: New Name, New Sneak Preview

Hey! You remember that I’m working on a video game with the Industrial Toys studio, led by Bungie co-founder and Halo co-creator Alex Seropian, right? Sure you do. Well, I have two really tasty tidbits for you now to catch you all up.

First: The game, formerly known as Morning Star, is getting a name change:

The game is now called Midnight Star. Because it’s darker and moodier and stuff, and better reflects a critical aspect of the game. And also for other reasons too: Industrial Toys’ Tim Harris explains some of the logic of the name change here. Also,  here’s the updated Web site for the game, in case you’re curious.

Second, the folks over at has an exclusive sneak preview of Midnight Star, including some hands-on commentary on the cool and (yes, I will say it) innovative gameplay. I’m happy to say IGN’s writer seems impressed:

Midnight Star has been designed to be played with just one hand, while still providing plenty of depth for core gamers to sink their teeth into. This is no easy task. The result is a wholly unique gameplay experience. It might best be described as a cross between an on-rails shooter like House of the Dead, with traditional Halo-style weapon depth. But the truth is that direct comparisons to other shooters, either on PC/console or mobile, all tend to not tell the full tale.

It’s no joke. I am not exactly an unbiased person here (I did the overarching story for the game as well as editing the gameplay scripts and writing the accompanying graphic novel, now called Midnight Rises), so fact that in what comes next. That said, I’ve been playing the latest builds of the game and holy crap is it a ton of fun. I’ve been on FPS player since back to the days of Marathon (coincidentally created by Alex), and this game has nearly everything I love in shooters, done in a way that respects and works with the mobile platform. I’m having a blast playing it. I die a lot. But then I play it some more. I can’t wait for you guys to get to play it too.

In the meantime, however, check out the preview on IGN. It’s going to make you want to play it right now. This is a good thing.

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  1. Don’t read the IGN comments, the fanboi-ism makes YouTube look like the hub of rational discourse….

    Looks a cool game, I’m allergic to Apple, I suspect it’s development costs won’t be recouped by the in game sales. Nice approach though.

  2. Okay, this game looks like fun, and if I ever buy an iOS device with a big enough screen, maybe I’ll try it out even though I’m not much for video games. But changing from Morning Star to Midnight Star makes it darker and moodier in the same way that Torchwood was “adult” because had swears and smoking…the way a preteen thinks. Midnight Star is more original, which is a better reason to go with it IMO, but the cynical salesman in me thinks it’s more effective for reaching a wider consumer base to market the familiar than the original.

  3. Morning Star? Midnight Star? Maybe you could split the difference and call it the 3 AM star. Cover all the bases.

  4. Pox Vay – October 22, 2013 at 11:48 pm

    You know, a certain RSHD with a masochistic man-crush on Scalzi was involved in producing a couple of badly reviewed games nearly two decades ago, which sunk without trace.

    The screaming and sour grape whininess coming from his end when “Midnight Star” comes out will be *epic*…

  5. Ahh hell, I’m just gonna play devil’s advocate here..but isn’t Morning Star another name for Satan?

  6. If it doesn’t have an 80s style, synth-funk soundtrack then I will now be sorely disappointed.

  7. Will Linda Hunt be involved?

    (Convoluted reference to the Midnight Star saloon in Silverado and a line delivered by Kevin Kline.)

  8. I’ve yet to meet a FPS on a tablet I really like. If they bring this to android (I find iPad’s lacking) then I might try it. Otherwise, I have my Skyrim, Mass Effect editions, etc always at the ready! BTW, the aliens look much like a Batarian crossed with some other that I cannot remember at the moment.

  9. Odds are good that I will never play this game. It’s not my platform and it’s not my style. I don’t own or want a tablet. I don’t like touch-screens. I’m not terribly fond of first-person shooters, and I hate being on rails.

    Purchase priority: lowest.

  10. See, when I think “Morning Star”, I think one of the following three things:

    1) The Morning Star weapon:
    2) Lucifer, enough said
    3) Venus, one of the most inhospitable terrestrial planets in the solar system with supersonic winds, pressures at surface that will kill you faster than the temperatures that are hot enough to melt lead

    …soooo yeah, plenty dark enough for me. Still, “Midnight Rises” sounds fine too

  11. So Jon, are you a fan of the Halo series then? If so, did it inspire you when you were creating the Old Mans’ war universe, or any of the other books you have written? Hope the game does well, it certainly looks interesting!!

  12. Cool review. I like the sound of the game.

    Unfortunately I’m unlikely ever to play it as I can’t stand Apple or single-touch devices.

  13. I love the way you guys do this how do u do it ;}
    these are some cool games that I can play and is coming from a kid who is a girl.

  14. I have read all of the posts

    they are so cool to ready and see what they want to say

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