An Important Message From John Scalzi’s Brain

“I started the weekend at roughly 3:23am this morning. Expect no further coherent thought today, or possibly through Monday.

“TL;DR: Bwuuuuuuuh.

“Thank you.”

18 Comments on “An Important Message From John Scalzi’s Brain”

  1. Seriously. I try to think about anything beyond the level of “I like cheese,” and my brain is all, like, “Whoa, there, partner. Take it slow,”

    It happens.

  2. A very long nap. It is comforting to know that other people’s brains decide to down tools occasionally…

  3. Don’t tell me, let me guess – you decided to go out at 3:23 this morning and help your crazy neighbors TP someone else’s house, someone who doesn’t have as finely tuned a sense of the ridiculous as you do, and now you’re laying low until they calm down.

    Hope it was fun, though!

  4. Hoo boy. I feel the same way. Unfortunately, I have college applications to do. YOU LUCKY BASTARD, YOU CAN ACTUALLY AFFORD TO SLEEP!!!!!

  5. Athena’s Journal – 10/25/2013

    Father can still count to 8 today. Will continue increasing dosage as planned. The end result will result in hilarity or madness.

    Perhaps both.

  6. Your NSA BrainChip™ is downloading a major systems update. Please be patient. here is some music while you wait.

  7. If I wake up in the middle of the night, there’s about a ten minute window I have to fall back asleep. Any time past that the ADHD kicks in and my brain will not settle down enough to sleep. So I sit up for an hour or two, numbly staring at the computer or wandering the house until my brain dies. It happens far too often but there is no cure. So my deepest sympathies for your loss of sleep. I’ve been there man.