Prepping For the Dinner Party

My daughter has planned a dinner party for some of her friends for a while now, and tonight’s the night for it. To that end she’s developed a four course menu, secured all the ingredients (some of which you see here) and is even now cleaning the house and doing some early prep work with marinades and other such things. My wife is acting as chef’s assistant, while I have the duty of gopher, running about to get things Athena discovers she needs but didn’t know she needed until that moment. It’s family effort.

This will be Athena’s first dinner party, and she’s excited. I’m excited for her, and will note that she is far more ambitious at 14 than I was. I wouldn’t have thought to put on a four-course dinner for friends at her age. I think it’s pretty cool that she has. I’m proud to be her gopher for the evening.

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