Sunset, 10/28/13

With extra added sundog! Enjoy.


Fall and Frost Shadows

Got outdoors with the camera this morning for some pictures before all the frost had melted off from the yard. Fall is a pretty time of year around here. Click on the individual pictures to start a slide show.


Ten Additional Things I Have Done That You (Probably) Haven’t

Continuing an occasional feature on this site. Previous installments here, here and here.

1. Been hit by a car (specifically, a Ford Pinto), breaking my leg

2. Written award show banter for a successful comedian (this one — he was the emcee for some AOL-specific awards in the 90s; I was AOL’s in-house writer)

3. Received an animation cel from Don Bluth (from Thumbelina)

4. Caught a living fish in my front yard (I released it into the nearby creek)

5. Inspired a weapon in a video game (that I did not have a hand in creating)

6. Had one of my adult teeth come in twice (right incisor, if I remember correctly)

7. Invented a pie

8. Received 11pm phone calls from Harlan Ellison, twice

9. Made out with a girl on the porch of a National Historical Landmark (this one)

10. Had a painting I commissioned appear on a popular television show (frame from said episode)

Have your own list of ten things you’ve done that other people (probably) haven’t? Add the list into the comment thread (or write them on your own site and add a link).

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