Your Evening’s Deep Cut From the ’80s

“Only Makes Me Laugh,” from Danny Elfman’s only solo album, So-Lo (which was in point of fact recorded with all the members of Oingo Boingo, so, really, it’s off-label Oingo Boingo). Great song from a now woefully obscure album.

Update: Oh, I forgot I can tell a story here. I bought the So-Lo CD in the 80s and in 1990, when I was an intern at the San Diego Tribune newspaper, I was assigned to do interviews for the Darkman movie, and drove up to LA to do them. I took the Danny Elfman solo CD with me to listen to in the car. And as it happened, the composer for the Darkman movie was Elfman. I had entirely unintentionally brought the exactly right CD to have signed. And I did. And I still have that CD.

Today’s Picture, 11/6/13

Rockefeller Chapel, University of Chicago, November 2013.

Cover Reveal: Lock In

Hey, look! It’s the cover to my next novel!

I really like this cover, which I think captures the feel of the book, a near-future thriller involving a disease that causes people to be “locked in” inside their own bodies (I could tell you more, but… no). The art design is once again by Peter Lutjen, who made the cover of Redshirts so memorable.

For those curious, the current scheduled release date for the novel is August 26, 2014. And yes, it’s the one I’m currently writing and which I hope to have done by the end of the month. One of the nice things about having a cover for it already is that I feel like the book actually exists, and now all it’s doing is waiting around for me to add in my bit. I’m on it, guys.

Update: Over at, Tor art director Irene Gallo offers some behind-the-scenes pictures of the production of the cover. Whoa.