The Creation Museum, Six Years On

Interesting bit of trivia that I was reminded of yesterday: Today is the sixth anniversary of my visit to the Creation Museum, at which I took quite a lot of pictures for a photo essay and also ended up writing up a long think piece on the visit. The think piece is here; the slide show, still on Flickr, is here. The layout of Flickr has changed in six years, so after you click on the first picture, the text accompanying the pictures will be at the very bottom of the screen (you may have to scroll a tiny bit to see it). It’s my understanding that the layout of the Creation Museum has not changed much in the six years since I’ve been there (which makes sense as we are dealing with immutable truth), so it should still be relevant.

Naturally, if you happen to be a young-earth creationist and/or believe that religious beliefs should never be mocked, especially if they have touch points with your own, you may want to sit both of those out. For my part, I don’t particularly believe that belief in creationism is the same as belief in Christ (nor do many of the Christians I know), and I’m on record as a fan of Jesus, so I’m pretty comfortable poking fun at the Creation Museum. In any event, as I am fond of saying, if you want me to treat your ideas with respect, get some better ideas. Creationism is, shall we say, not a great idea.

People have asked me if I plan on returning to the Creation Museum at any point, and my answer is, really, no. There’s not a whole lot for me there. Also, the last time I went I raised more than $5,000 for a charity committed to the separation of church and state, which I felt zeroed out the $70 or so (tickets for myself and two friends) I dropped in the place. I would feel obliged to raise a similar amount for any repeat visit. And no, that’s not a challenge.

Today’s Picture, 11/10/13

At the Oriental Institute, November 2013.