As My Mailbox Is Filling Up About This, I Guess I Should Put This Here, Too

There, that should do it. In a general sense, as with anything related to bacon, or churros, if something is related to “red shirts” in any general way, you can assume if you’ve seen it, I’ve seen it too and/or have had news of it sent to me. No need to trouble yourself.

21 Comments on “As My Mailbox Is Filling Up About This, I Guess I Should Put This Here, Too”

  1. Wait, “REDSHIRTS” IS OUT!!?!?!?!?!?

    Okay, that’s me incommunicado for the next weekend!

  2. Being approachably famous and having an Internet presence has some downsides, nu?

    Yup – that’s why I post under a pseudonym. You’ll never believe how many people you get harassing you to just finish the damned Hobbit mov- um, never mind.

  3. So, has anyone played it? Is it any good? Looks like you would have to understand the Facebooks to get it, and I’m not a Facebooker.

  4. Probably trying to capitalize on your book’s popularity, though.


    Khandaker had been working on the game for “some months” as of Feb 2012. Scalzi published his book in June 2012.

    Khandaker’s game is a sendup of social networking. Scalzi’s book didn’t include social networking at all, IIRC, and if translated into a game would probably be some weird version of a point-and-click adventure. Khandaker’s game is set on a space station (ala Babylon 5 / DS9) and includes an implicit time limit in that the space station will be destroyed in a huge war. Scalzi’s book is set on a starship which had narrative immortality.

    The one thing they have in common, as I understand it, is that they take the piss out of common sf tropes. If that’s a sign that Khandaker is being unoriginal, then why not criticise Scalzi for “trying to capitalize on the popularity” of Galaxy Quest?

    Sf as a corpus is large enough and old enough to be a goldmine for parody. It’s not surprising that two artists in two different media might choose the same trope to approach this parody, when that trope provides comedic viewpoint characters.

  5. oneswellfoop: I’m waiting for a video game where you attempt to tape bacon to cats.

    OMG, I would totally play this. A worthy successor to Plants vs. Zombies.

  6. I’d play it, but I’m too busy enjoying the latest expansion of Star Trek Online. Devs that care, and laser dinosaurs.

    Yeah, laser dinosaurs. You heard me. It’s like living a really beautiful TOS episode, only with even better special effects.

    I mean, LASER DINOSAURS. My inner paleontologist screams for salvation, but my inner geek fell in love at first sight.

  7. >I’m waiting for a video game where you attempt to tape bacon to cats.

    I’m waiting for a game where the player uses the Mallet of Loving Correction. Wait, I already do that IRL. It’s called being a moderator on a forum. However, I’m not all that loving about it. ;)

  8. When you say it’s not related to your book, you mean, it’s not yours or authorized by you. But it is related, topically, to your book and the underlying meme that you expounded on in your book. Right?

  9. @ dpmaine: Dude, we all know that. Please stop pointing out incredibly obvious nits with overly large words. I hate the ivory tower effect.

  10. Including the fruit fly mutant?

    “Drosophila has highly efficient defenses against infection. […] We therefore carried out a sensitized genetic screen to identify immunocompromised mutants by co-injecting beads and E. coli. From this screen, we identified a new gene we have named red shirt and identified the caspase Dredd as a regulator of the Drosophila immune response.”

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