Reminder: Appearance at Bradford, OH Library, Saturday, 10am

Come around and see me. And visit my tiny little hometown. You know you’ve always wanted to. I will definitely be reading from my upcoming novel Lock In, and reading something different than I read at Worldcon, so if you show up you will literally be the first humans on Earth to hear what I’ll be reading. Indeed, the first humans in the entire universe. No one will ever be able to take that from you!

Also, you can pet my Best Novel Hugo if you want, since I will be bringing it to the library. Also also, there will be books for you to buy, if you wish, and I will sign them. To you, or whomever you designate. Also also also: Snacks. Snacks, people. So there: if you live within a 50-mile radius, you now have no reason not to show up.

See you there!

15 Comments on “Reminder: Appearance at Bradford, OH Library, Saturday, 10am”

  1. Sadly, I won’t get to be there, seeing as I live in the desert far from the mystical land of Ohio. But! Someone close to me will be, and I guess that’s just as good.

  2. I read that as “Also also, there will be books for you to buy, if you wish, and I will SING them. To you, or whomever you designate.”

    I suppose, if your signing hand starts to cramp, you could belt out a few verses of Redshirts, seeing as there is actually a song to go along with it…

  3. According to Google Maps, The Bradford Library is 2,132 miles from my home, and should take me about 31 hours to drive there from here. If I fly, it should “only” take about 7 1/2 hours with 2 or more connecting flights. Sorry, I’ll have to pass this time, but if you’re ever at the Temecula Public Library, or the Temecula Barnes and Noble, I will definitely be there! (Or if you are within a radius of 50 miles from me. And if it’s for the purpose of a book signing or other such event. If you are just visiting family or friends, I’ll stay home.)

  4. “Baby, why don’t you come over and pet my Hugo?” sounds like something Harlan Ellison would say…

  5. I’m more like 80 miles away, but I’ll still get up and make the drive. I’ve never been to an author reading, I’ve only been to a couple book signings, and I’ve never seen a Hugo in person. I’m looking forward to it! Since I bought all of my Scalzi digitally, I am prepared to offer cash money in exchange for physical books with Scalzi’s own signature.

  6. I’m slightly outside the 50 mile radius, but very much looking forward to it! I attended the previous event in Bradford – nice library, nice people, sufficient goofball-ery by our host – and it’s definitely worth going if the drive’s feasible!

  7. You know, now that I just posted that, it has all sorts of innuendo that I did not intend. Guess that’s just a Friday for you.

  8. I wish I had seen this earlier. I’m just outside the 50 mile limit but it sounds worth the drive. Hopefully I’ll catch next time.

  9. OK. I went to the Bradford library this morning, after playing with a band in Columbus last night. (Basically no sleep) I got a couple of books signed. I’d like to say that I’m looking forward to Scalzi’s new book, after hearing him read the first chapter. I won’t tell anyone about it, because I’ve been sworn to secrecy. Shhh.

    John is astoundingly “normal” when you see him in person. Just a regular dude who happens to write books that many of us enjoy. I got to touch the Hugo, which is the second Hugo I’ve ever hefted. It’s heavy, trust me.

    I also got to meet John’s mother in law and she was delightful. (John, be sure to tell her I said that, OK?) She was really nice.

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