Today’s Picture, 11/14/13

Gargoyle at the University of Chicago, November 2013

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  1. Apologies for the missing words and letters:
    That *has* to be…
    But it’s….
    I blame this stupid wireless keyboard which apparently cannot deal with 60 wpm or so. Progress? I think not

  2. Nah, what this is is a demonstration of the reaction speed of the average grotesque. He’s reacting (horror/surprise) at the passing of the Great Scalzi before his eyes, about a hundred yards to the left a couple of minutes previously.

  3. We could have used this beastie, gargoyle or grotesque, for the benefit of some our our patrons yesterday. The internet was down, and they were very surly. Hopefully our bandwidth will behave itself today.

  4. Close–I’m pretty sure it’s one of the ones on Cobb Gate–with the little gargoyles (well, they look like gargoyles!) climbing up the peaked roof behind it to the big guy on the summit.

  5. ha…it’s on a good chunk of the official UChicago merchandise. Brings back some interesting memories. (And yes, it’s the Cobb Gate one. Right off 56th St, directly south of the Regenstein.)

  6. There aren’t nearly enough gargoyles or grotesques on most modern buildings. I love those things.

  7. Reblogged this on Pink Iguana and commented:
    Need to talk about technology behind drone gargoyles for the home – helping the mailman to stick to his side of the driveway.

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