Quick Note About the Google Books Thing

People are pinging me about the judge throwing out the Author’s Guild class action suit against Google and my thoughts about it. The short answer is that I have a book deadline zooming up on me so I don’t have time to discuss it in depth, so I won’t right at the moment. I’ll save it for when I have brain cycles to spare.

Speaking very briefly on whether I suspect the tossing of the case will have a negative effect on me personally and my books solely: No. I really don’t.

I will suggest, however, and as I always do, that if one is determined to read my books and not pay me personally for them, that one avail one’s self of the local library. The librarians there are perfectly happy to support your habit, and I don’t mind at all.

Today’s Picture, 11/15/13

Wall text from the Art Institute of Chicago, November 2013.