Holy Crap, We’ve Got Dragons

Where I live is currently under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning; directly north of me they’ve got a Tornado Watch going on.

But the NOAA has said nothing about dragons.

I sense a conspiracy. 

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Wow, just checked the news. It says that at least three people have been killed in the Midwest States due to the severe weather.

Keep safe!

(I’m getting the northern edge of the storm here– high winds, severe thunderstorm warnings, etc).

uh…my first comment on this blog that i have been reading for three yrs was in reference to your last post. sitting here in my home in the northeren panhandle of WV at 1130 pm…..i can tell you that your dragons have arrived sir…..with a vengence. sky….wind….out of tolkien i fear……

Two hypotheses:

(1) That’s one of the dragons that NOAA sends out to breathe on thermometers in support of their “global warming” nonsense. At last, photographic proof!

(2) The fog bears have radioed for reinforcements. We are all doomed.

@Bruce C: Well, if it’s swimming or flying, I think that would fit the Oceanic or Atmospheric parts of NOAA.

(I should also note that NOAA incorporates what used to be the Bureau of Fisheries…though I dunno if reptiles would count.)

Mr. Scazi, you’ve really done it now. First, you’ve kept me reading your website for at least four hours due to witty and humorous content. I suspect the FDA will be in contact with you later today. Perhaps your site emits a schedule II aerosolized drug, which exposure to over time might kill a person. At least death by Dragon would likely be quick and not leave much if any evidence. Secondly, you have frightened the h*’ll out of my kitten, who was quite enjoying looking at the belly of the tree frog who planted him?self on the other side of the kitchen window, enjoying tonight’s local outdoor flying insects. He saw the Dragon in the photo, and ran to (he hopes) safety under the bed in the next room. I swear I heard him screech the phrase “major buzzkill” as he fled.the room. Poor guy is gonna have nightmares every time he catnaps for days!

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