Today’s Picture, 11/17/13

Athena and Athena, the Art Institute of Chicago, November 2013

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  1. Shawna (A Mediated Life) – The lovely PNW – Writer, singer, parent, fan, media maven, and general ne'er-do-well. Fierce protector of the rights of the disadvantaged and endless pontificator on subjects both ridiculous and sublime.
    Shawna (A Mediated Life)

    I love this. Does she enjoy having that name? I would’ve loved it when I was a kid, but then I know some kids hate their names no matter what. My 9-month-old is named Terran, and I’m waiting for the day he rolls his eyes about how his parents gave him such a geeky name.

  2. Donna Leonard – Southern California – I like to write, read, knit, crochet, watch movies, watch way too much television, listen to music and play Drawsomething 2 somewhat obsessively, not necessarily in that order. You can find my irregular blog at: 3 kids: Twenty-three-year-old boy/girl twins, and a thirteen-year-old girl. 3 cats: fourteen-year-old female, three-year-old female, and a two-year-old male
    Donna Leonard


  3. I suppose it’s out of place to ask if Athena was as much a headache to you when she was born as Athena was to Zeus when she was born? But then, I think Zeus deserved all the headaches he got, since he brought them on himself. I don’t think YOU deserve all the headaches you get, John. Sorry I missed you on Saturday, I was out deathly sick……

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