The Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday —

— and today.

Two Quick Things

Which are:

1. To make sure none of you are in suspense about this, the Scalzi Compound was largely unaffected by last night’s storm, other than losing power for about an hour or so. We are fine, the pets are fine, the neighbors are fine. Unfortunately not everyone in the Midwest can say the same. Keep them in your thoughts.

2. My plan to encourage people to vote for other nominees in the Goodreads Choice Awards has been apparently failing miserably, since The Human Division has made the final round. This is a great irony for anyone who believes my readers slavishly follow all my dictates. However, it is not too late, as there are nine other final nominees to vote for. So, damn it, pick one of them already. Thank you.

Today’s Picture, 11/18/13

The main quadrangle at the University of Chicago, November 2013.