The Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday —

— and today.

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  1. Weather is weird. Here in Southern California, the kids are wearing winter coats one day, and shorts the next. Or better yet, heavy jackets and jeans in the morning, and then walking home in their gym shorts, and stuffing their jackets in their backpacks after school, in the same day.

  2. Dude, you’re a wuss. Try living in Wellington to toughen you up.

    I’ve gone to work in full sunshine, been unable to eat outside at lunch because of a torrential hail storm, and then walked home in brilliant sunshine. And we won’t even discuss the wind.

    No tornados, though. I’ll give the US continental interior that bragging right.

  3. North east Ohio here. We still have the yesterday sky. We’re supposed to get the sunny sky tomorrow. But at least the wind died down.

  4. Much the same here in NW Illinois.

    I knew things were not going to end well for all when it was 70-ish and humid around 11:30 am, and then the sky started getting more and more mordor.

    The really bad stuff went to the south and east of us, but we did get the same gust-front storm that rolled through and over the Peoria area. By 2pm the temps were down around 50ish and kept going down from there.

    My cousin and his wife were at a reception/dance thingie one town over from Washington when that system went through the area.

  5. The very changeable weather in Melbourne reminded me a lot of the very changeable weather in Boston. We only have moderately changeable weather here in Western Pennsylvania, and only had about 10 minutes of bad weather despite the bad weather further west of here.

  6. A day makes a huge difference. Yesterday all my friends had houses.

    Btw, love your pictures. You, sir, could be mistaken for a professional photographer.

  7. Phoenician – visited Wellington a few times recently. Never before have I had to use both hands and most of my upper body muscles to open and close car doors! Your restaurants make it worth the trip however :)

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