Two Quick Things

Which are:

1. To make sure none of you are in suspense about this, the Scalzi Compound was largely unaffected by last night’s storm, other than losing power for about an hour or so. We are fine, the pets are fine, the neighbors are fine. Unfortunately not everyone in the Midwest can say the same. Keep them in your thoughts.

2. My plan to encourage people to vote for other nominees in the Goodreads Choice Awards has been apparently failing miserably, since The Human Division has made the final round. This is a great irony for anyone who believes my readers slavishly follow all my dictates. However, it is not too late, as there are nine other final nominees to vote for. So, damn it, pick one of them already. Thank you.

20 Comments on “Two Quick Things”

  1. FINE!

    I voted for someone else. In all the rounds. Because I slavishly follow all your dictates. Nah, it’s because I really, REALLY loved Margaret Atwood’s book. And also, you didn’t want my vote. ;-)

  2. I voted for someone else twice. Sorry, but this time it has to be The Human Division. The other two have been eliminated.

  3. Clearly your access to jack-booted thugs to enforce your dictats has been limited now that you no longer wield the awesome power of the Presidency. :)

  4. A Monty Python reference that I couldn’t (didn’t want to) resist:

    JOHN: Please, please, please listen! I’ve got one or two things to say.

    THE CROWD: Tell us! Tell us both of them!

    JOHN: Look, you’ve got it all wrong! You don’t NEED to vote for ME, You don’t NEED to do what I SAY! You’ve got to think for your selves! You’re ALL individuals!

    THE CROWD: Yes! We’re all individuals!

    JOHN: You’re all different!

    THE CROWD: Yes, we ARE all different!

    MAN IN CROWD: I’m not…

    THE CROWD: Sch!

  5. I would have voted for your book, as it was my favorite of the nominees. However, in deference to your polite request, I voted for my second favorite of the books on offer.

  6. Classic danger of robotic minions: they’ll act in your best interest, but *they’re* the ones who decide what that is. Leading to, for example, years of bacon mail, as well as unsought literary honors.

  7. 1) I didn’t suffer any damage (SE of where Scalzi live), but it was windier than a sackful of assholes, as my dad used to say.

    2) I signed up at Goodreads, and voted for the books that I’ve actually read.

  8. You’ll be happy to know that I have slavishly followed your commands, and voted for Lives of Tao. Great book!

  9. In reference to #1:

    The numbers are historic: 194 tornado warnings have been issued in Illinois in the month of November since 1986; 101 of those warnings were issued Sunday.

    That is incredible.

  10. I voted for another book. It got eliminated in the first round. I voted for another book. It got eliminated in the second round. I mostly haven’t read the ones that are left but I did read yours, liked it and you get my final vote. Deal with it.

  11. Since minions can be counted upon to follow directions (except in comedy movies), you obviously don’t have minions. (Or maybe this is a comedy movie, and a theatre full of people whom I consider imaginary – yet aren’t – is laughing their proverbial asses off right now.)

    That begs the question: if you don’t have minions, then what ARE they?

  12. Um…your book is the only one in the remaining books that I’ve read. Ummm…anybody got a nine-sided die I can use…?

  13. Why I wouldn’t vote for you EVEN IF you hadn’t already told me to not vote for you, which is why I didn’t vote for you because of the aforementioned “don’t vote for me” thing you said.

    Where are my meds, anyway?

  14. People may be voting for you to spite you. Now admittedly if they are they probably don’t really get how the whole spite thing is supposed to work, but I suppose that isn’t really a bad thing.

  15. Well, I’ve read four of the finalists, one of which I wouldn’t vote for except under duress (I only read it because I’m a sick, sick man and a completist). Left to my own devices, I’d probably have voted for The Human Division, but Scalzi commands and therefore I will vote for… Great North Road, but it was a darn close run for Abbadon’s Gate.

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