Metatropolis Trade Paperback Out; More on Midnight Star; Reminder about Holiday Books

Headline says everything, doesn’t it?

1. But to begin, Metatropolis, the Hugo-nominated near-future anthology that I edited, has finally come to trade paperback form. And in the five years since the anthology came out in its original form (audiobook), the stories in it have only gotten more pertinent — which is to say that reality has tuned itself more to this future than it was back in 2008. I don’t know how to feel about that, personally. But I do know that the stories by Jay Lake, Toby Buckell, Elizabeth Bear and Karl Schroeder stand up excellently well (and mine is okay, too). Its arrival in trade paperback form positions it nicely for holiday gift giving, hint hint, nudge nudge. More on that in a minute.

2. For those of you interested in Midnight Star, the video game I’m working on, gaming Web site Pocket Tactics has an in-depth look at the game, the first of three installments (the second and third installments will be up later today and tomorrow). They cover some nifty ground in this interview, including play mechanics and the need to get people right into the game.

3. To back to the whole “holiday gift” thing, a reminder that I’m signing and personalizing my books for the holidays, through my local bookstore, Jay & Mary’s Book Center. So if you know someone who would love a signed book under the tree (or wherever you may place such thing), here are the details.

Now I gotta go write things. Excuse me.

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  1. Metatropolis is one of the best shared world series I’ve ever read/listened to. I loved the first audiobook so much I bought the hardback too and have long wished someone would do print & ebook versions of the two subsequent volumes. I recently finished Metatropolis: Green Space and it’s just as good as the earlier volumes in the series. Unfortunately right now the series just feels incomplete and worryingly ephemeral without print versions of all three.

    Everyone involved in the Metatropolis series can feel proud that they’ve produced some truly enjoyable and significant work.

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