Fuzzy Nation is the Number One Audiobook on Amazon Today

Almost certainly because it’s Audible’s Deal of the Day, available for $2.95 until 11:59 Eastern Time today (I would have noted it sooner here, but, hey, I was on the move.

If you’ve wanted to try one of my audiobooks but never got around to it, this is a pretty good one to try; in addition to being a pretty good story in itself, it’s narrated by Wil Wheaton, and the two of us share an Audie Award (the audiobook industry’s top prize) for it, in the category of science fiction. So, yeah, it’s not bad. Enjoy.


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  1. Almost certainly because it’s Audible’s Deal of the Day, available for $2.95 until 11:59 Eastern Time today (I would have noted it sooner here, but, hey, I was on the move.

    Well, at least you’re not like a certain idiot who boasts about the number of e-books he has sold and given away for free, while being careful not to put separate numbers on those two categories.

    Must be the difference between being an actual working author and being a dilettante I guess.

  2. I did my part. Owned the book already, but I enjoyed the story and also enjoy Wil Wheaton as a narrator (and also highly recommend audiobook versions of Ready Player One, Redshirts, and TAD with him narrating). Sometimes I’m in the mood to devour words, and other times it’s nice to have someone read you a story.

  3. I duly paid my $2.95, and then spent the next 45 minutes trying and failing to get a downloaded copy into iTunes. The Audible download manager keeps insisting that I don’t have iTunes installed, when I do. This entire process reminds me just how much I detest Audible’s copy protection schemes. If Audible went the way of Tor, DRM-free, I’d be a lot more inclined to buy from them.

    At this point, it’s tempting to go hunting for a pirated .mp3 version, since I’ve already paid for it but don’t yet have it.

  4. Sadly I did not see this until AFTER 11:59pm Eastern. :(

    The Redshirts audiobook was excellent, and I do not usually “read” audiobooks.

  5. I’ve just finished “Fuzzi Nation”, listening straight through with nary a break and all I can say is “WOW!!!” What a wonderful story. I laughed and later cried as events unfolded and found myself totally captivated by your awesome storyline and Wil’s fantastic rendering . I am soooo glad I discovered you. As a recent Audible platinum member I’ve already got a long list of classic scifi on my wish list but will now add all of your books to the list. I thank you from the bottom of my heart… you made me smile and chuckle and those are good things these days, given that I’m steeped in climate change and other related issues facing humanity.

    Again, thanks for making my day truly magnificent.

  6. It’s not bad but I prefer the original novel. As for Wheaton, I just cannot get past seeing Wesley when I hear him ;-)

  7. I have some unused credits, so I may pick this up. I had REDSHIRTS in ebook form and enjoyed it immensely, then got the audio book and LOVED it even more! Wil Wheaton did an outstanding job reading it. I listen to a lot of audio books, and I think he has done the best job of anyone I have listened to. Forget Wesley Crusher folks; Wil is an artist in his own right, and is a true professional.

  8. To the gentlebeing complaining about DRM and downloads; I’ve never had a problem, are you sure it isn’t iTunes? There is a reason I avoid Apple at all costs; hate their DRM. I try to spend money with people who don’t fool around with that snot, so I buy a lot of books from Baen, then email them to my kindle.

  9. It’s certainly one of my favourites! I find myself going back to “Ready Player One”, “Old Man’s War” and “Fuzzy Nation” between new books. Which means it’s either your writing or Wil Wheaton’s narration….

  10. Yeah. I never have a problem with Audible on my Androids, but the I-thingy used to give me all kinds of trouble.

    Scalzi / Wheaton = unbeatable combo

  11. Years ago, when I first picked up this audiobook, it was in two parts. The first part was Fuzzy Nation, as read by Wil Wheaton. But the second part was Little Fuzzy, the original book. Recently, when I went to readd it to my library of downloaded books, only Fuzzy Nation was available. I contacted Audible about this, and was told it was a “programming decision.” Does anyone know why the Little Fuzzy audiobook was yanked??