Reminder: I’m Totally on a Deadline

I’ve seen some grousing about the relative lack of content here this month, so I’d like to remind folks I have a book deadline and pay copy has to take a precedence to writing here, for reasons which should be obvious but if not are related to me eating and having a roof over my head. Don’t worry, after the novel has been turned in and I’ve slept for, oh, three days straight, I’ll probably be back to my usual chatty self.

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures. They’re pretty. And that’s not nothing.

30 Comments on “Reminder: I’m Totally on a Deadline”

  1. Being on a variety of deadlines myself, I have been enjoying the pretty pictures. I do look forward to more chattiness in the future as it will also mean that another book is imminent.

  2. The bonus with picture posts is not only does your productivity increase but so does mine!

  3. Remember, Whatever readers: Your satisfaction with the content on John’s blog 100% guaranteed, or your money back!

  4. Dear people who have been grousing because John has been busy doing that thing we pay him to do because he’s so damn good at it,

    Kindly STFU.


  5. People are seriously grousing about… When they don’t even pay… What are they… GYAH!

    I can’t even articulate how gobsmacked (I’ve always wanted an excuse to use that word!) I feel. It would take every single Picard-facepalm on the internet to express it.

    Look grousers, when you are paying the man to post content, then you can complain. That simple enough?

  6. Entitled asshats are always slightly more vocal than the rest. Most of us readers understand you gotta do what you gotta do. We’re happy to even have you as often as we do.

    After all, you’re not our bitch.

    Much love,


  7. Give me your undivided attention! I demand books every 6 months and 1500 words a day on this blog. No excuses! I paid for it … Wait, wait. No, I did not pay for this blog. Shit. Well, as you were sir. Pardon the interruption.

  8. Some people just won’t be happy until you write 5,000 words about how you’re facing a deadline and don’t have time to write a long post.

  9. Write, you! Write your pay copy! Write, John, write like the wind! *cracks whip*

    Where I come from we call that a CATFOTFIC (Complaint About The Flavor Of The Free Ice Cream).

  10. When an artist is at work, the observer stands silently respectful and pushes cookies under the door whenever keyboard sounds begin to fade; macadamia chocolate chip is a good choice. Others on request.

  11. Wow, I can’t believe anyone is grousing! You warned us pretty clearly that you had a book to write and that content would be sparse. There’s only 24 hours in a day, and some of them you need to spend with your wonderful family. (oh, and sleep, I guess.)

    I appreciate the pictures very much, even if I scarcely comment. And I appreciate your books very much, which….wait for it…..

    require you to take time away from this blog to write them.

    No grousing from me…just best wishes on how well this next book will sell.

  12. To be clear, none of the people who were grousing were being dicks about it. I merely thought the point beared repeating that I’m on a deadline.

  13. Pics are great, but writing lets us make pictures in our heads and you are damn good at using those symbols that keep showing up when I press my fingers down on this keypad to make pictures in our heads. Thank you and Godspeed!

  14. Grousing? How rude. I mean, you do this of your own free will. You already entertain us with your craft in writing science fiction. This is just for fun. Like icing. Or that caramel coffee thang you seem to enjoy. You may have bad taste in coffee beverages, but I’ve no gripes with you here, dude. Write on! (get it?)

  15. Xopher, CATFOTFIC makes me think of the Borscht Belt one-liner, “The food here is like poison — and in such small portions, too.”

  16. Honestly, re-think your whole approach to existance if you think whiners like that are worth a post. Write what you want, when you want. Sell it or give it away. Lots of people are forced to do things to live. You are totaly free, so every time you act like a slave to your fans the rest of us die a little. (No pressure, of course)

  17. Whatever the reason, keep on reminding me that you are hard at work on another book. I like hearing that another bit of reading pleasure is coming my way. And thanks for that piece of abstract pointillism produced by nature. I love fall colors

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