Today’s Picture, 11/22/13

Fall foliage, Bradford, Ohio, November 2013.

Also, a programming note. I’m going to be trying really hard to finish the novel before Thanksgiving. You will likely not see me here again before it is finished, excepting the posting of the daily picture (which, as you might imagine, will run through the end of the month). Wish me luck.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Thank you, Our Glorious Lord Host! I, your servile thrall, eagerly await your next glorious work!

No, seriously, I’m chomping at the bit. I’m already suffering Sanderson Withdrawal Syndrome because the Words of Radiance release date got pushed back a month and a half–please don’t let me suffer Scalzi Withdrawal too!

Changed my wallpaper to this pic (which as I recall you have given us permission to do, right?) It is just lovely! Love the saturation and the texture it adds.

Actually, before I read your description, I thought it was a picture of a painting you saw on your Chicago trip.

I’m enjoying the pictures, and happy to know you’re working on a book for me to read. :-)

Looks more like pointillist than Pollock to me but neat effect either way.

My email notification informed me that it was fall foliage, so in essence, I read the caption before I saw the image.

Perhaps that is key. If you don’t have an expectation that it’s a picture of a real thing, it might look a little more like a Jackson Pollock piece that looks a little like foliage. If you do have an expectation of what it depicts, then it might look a little more like like pointillism.

There are effects in art where the hue and tone of two adjacent colors, especially ones on different sides of the color wheel, are close enough that they make your eyes think they are vibrating. This is like that. We had a sugar maple that turned a brilliant orange-yellow in fall, and did just that against the deep blue sky. I second turning Athena loose with the camera and letting her post for you.

Write like the wind!

Enjoying the photos but I am sure I will enjoy the book much more. While you are at it, start another one. The main problem with favorite authors is they just don’t write enough.

Some may not know that Seurat’s “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” is at the Art Institute. I have to visit it whenever I go to Chicago.

Is there any chance of getting a high resolution copy of this picture?

I really like it, but it’s bit pixelated when I set it as the desktop picture on my retina MacBook Pro.

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