Today’s Photo, 11/27/13

Beluga whale at the Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, November 2013.

In other news, I am so close to finishing the novel I can taste it. Off to write.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Also, while I know many people have valid ethical concerns about large mammals at aquariums/amusement parks, please let’s not actually have that conversation in this thread. I don’t have time to actively moderate it today because I’m finishing a novel. When/if I do pop by and see comments on that topic here (or responses to those comments) I will likely simply snip them out. Please save it for another time. Thank you.

Oh, I thought you’d never say anything about the whales, but you waited ’til my birthday to post a picture. Thanks! I can’t take a trip to Chicago without checking in on them.

Thanks so much for taking time to touch base daily during this crunch period. You are a good friend. Hope someday I can return that favor to someone else, even if it isn’t you! ;-)

Great picture! Reminds me of photos outside the Apollo LEM during descent. Ohhh, wait .. . so the whole thing WAS staged in the Shedd Aquarium! :-)

Anyway, best wishes on the new novel and thanks for the fine Chicago pics!

Where’s the naked Russian woman who may or may not be a scientist swimming in what may or may not be subzero temperatures? Because that’s what I think of now when I read “Beluga whale”.

Tom Moore here.

My comment on FaceBook regarding Google Glass….:

I think I’ll write a book. titled the “Bandwidth Masters”. Because that’s how we will define how/where this tech will be constrained. But that is so terrestrial.
I got a SPOT messenger to let people know how I’m doing on my ventures. GlobalStar (SPOT) just let me know they can sell me a passive device to put… on my car? lawnmower? that will tell me where is, where it went… etc

You are a fine writer; Red Shirts, well… But if anyone can move this idea into a story, I think it would be you.
Best Regards,
Tom Moore

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