Today’s Picture, 11/29/13

“Large Interior Form, 1953-54,” a sculpture, at the Art Institute of Chicago, November 2013.

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  1. I’ve been waiting until the book was “done” to suggest this –but am loving the pic of the day. Have you thought about entering the Boston Flower Show photography competition? This year’s theme is “romance in the garden”, there are six different categories, initial submission is done via email for jurying; if you get chosen for the show you submit a mounted print by snailmail. No cost except $10 for return postage after the show. No cash prizes but lots of egoboo.

    Details here:
    And here:

  2. I don’t like art titles that don’t convey anything useful (or anything at all, on an untitled piece). “Large Interior Form” — yeah, we see already that it’s a form, and that it’s large, and that it has/displays an interior. The title therefore conveys no additional information, What does the piece mean to YOU, Mr./Ms. Artist? What would YOU call it?
    (I guess that some artists prefer not to chance guiding the viewer’s thoughts in any particular direction by supplying a title to focus on. However, as I said, they should take that risk, at least by saying what the piece suggests to them. Giving an un-useful title makes me think that the artist didn’t give the piece quite enough thought.)

  3. Not *that* much effort. And your stuff is good – the current web site header photo is better than some of the entries from last year. Betcha you could get an award to go with the new Hugo. Multidimensional, that’s our Mr. Scalzi!

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