Early Notice


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  1. Shouldn’t there be commas between the ‘Johns’ ? >;-)

    Since John won’t likely promote his own books, I’d recommend a set of two – ‘Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded’ and ‘The Mallet Of Loving Correction’.

    I’m currently re-reading the first and the second is in the queue. So I’m good, in case you were shopping for -me-.

  2. JJS – I got the same thing. I use Chrome. I re-loaded the page, and the message (a tweet) came up properly.

  3. From what i saw on TV at Walmartt on Black Friday. Good luck
    Over here they decided to do it at Asda (walmart) and there was a fight and police were called in
    Never happened before in the UK
    Dear Santa can i have a wee semi automatic rifle :-D