Miscellaneous Pictures, 2013

To usher us into the new year, a grab bag of photos I like, not previously collected, that I took in 2013. See you next year!

Whatever Top Posts, 2013 Plus Thoughts on 2014

And as the year winds down, it’s time to look at what the most popular posts on Whatever were for 2013. In order of visits, they are: To The Dudebro Who Thinks He’s Insulting Me by Calling Me… Read More

2013: Year of the Asshole

It’ll be up to historians to decide whether 2013 actually reached a sort of Peak Asshole event, from which there had to be an inevitable decline, or whether it was simply another new high before year another new… Read More

The Big Idea: Shannon Page

Oh, look at that, we have just enough time to get one more Big Idea in under the wire for 2013. The honor for the year’s final Big Idea goes to Shannon Page, with Eel River, which combines… Read More

What’s On Tap for 2014

You ask: So, John, what’s the plan for 2014? Well, since you’ve asked (“you” in this case being “the stand-in for actual people who lives inside my head”): THINGS THAT ARE DONE * Lock In, my eleventh novel, will… Read More

Athena & Kristine, 2013

My two favorite people in the world. 

My 2013: A Quick Recap

So, barring me falling down some stairs in the next couple of days or some similar incident that drags down the curve of the year, I can say pretty authoritatively that 2013 was a very good year —… Read More

The Scalzi Pets, 2013

You know them. You love them.  And now for fun, some animals that aren’t pets, but which I took pictures of this year anyway: Not a bad year for the animals.

The Big Idea: Jason Fry

Intergenerational family dynamics — in spaaaaace! This might sound like an odd combination at first blush, but with any idea, it’s the execution of the concept that matters. Author Jason Fry is here to tell you how he… Read More

End of the Year Thoughts on: NSA and Privacy

Aside from this one piece, I haven’t done a lot of public talking about the whole thing where the NSA ate the entire Internet and then seemed surprised that people were annoyed once it was discovered. So in… Read More

The Sunsets of 2013

In chronological order. And as is tradition, one sunrise: Great job, sun! Let’s do it again next year.

Hey, It’s Christmas!

And the whole clan here wishes you a merry day today, however you celebrate it (and even if you don’t celebrate it at all). Enjoy your time with family and friends. Eat a ridiculous amount of food. Sleep… Read More

Whatever Best of 2013

Christmas Eve is the time I take a look at my writing on Whatever to see what pieces I wrote that I liked, that others liked, and that had the most impact out there on the Intarweebs. For… Read More


Athena Marie Scalzi, December 23rd. 2013. Fifteen years old today.

Midnight Star: Join the Site!

Midnight Star, which is the video game I wrote the story for, is getting closer to final release, and one of the milestones toward that release is a revamped Web site that features new information about the game… Read More

The Big Idea: Timothy S. Johnston

Author Timothy S. Johnston has a thing for the “imposter” theme in science fiction, and yes, that pun was most definitely intended. Here he is to tell you why the theme intrigues him so, and how he uses… Read More

A Hallowed Tradition

Back when our daughter was very young we wouldn’t tell her when her birthday was; we’d spring it on her by waking her up with a cake with candles and singing “Happy Birthday” to her. As she got… Read More

What We Did With Our Saturday

A couple of months ago William Beckett, a favorite musician of mine, tweeted that he was available to do in-house concerts in December. Well, I thought, I have a house, and additionally, my daughter, who is also a… Read More

I’m Alive

But busy with family stuff. See you tomorrow!

On Being the Best, Or Not

The other day I was reading an io9.com piece by Esther Ingliss-Arkell about why everybody thinks they’re better than everyone else, even if, in point of fact, everyone can’t be better than everyone else. While reading it, I… Read More