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2013: Year of the Asshole

It’ll be up to historians to decide whether 2013 actually reached a sort of Peak Asshole event, from which there had to be an inevitable decline, or whether it was simply another new high before year another new high, as Complete Asshole levels rise in correlation with global temperatures. Whatever the historians decide, however, from […]

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What’s On Tap for 2014

You ask: So, John, what’s the plan for 2014? Well, since you’ve asked (“you” in this case being “the stand-in for actual people who lives inside my head”): THINGS THAT ARE DONE * Lock In, my eleventh novel, will be out on August 26 in US/Canada and 28 August in the UK/Commonwealth. * Midnight Star, the […]

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The Big Idea: Jason Fry

Intergenerational family dynamics — in spaaaaace! This might sound like an odd combination at first blush, but with any idea, it’s the execution of the concept that matters. Author Jason Fry is here to tell you how he made it work in his new middle grade novel The Jupiter Pirates: Hunt for the Hydra. JASON […]

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Midnight Star: Join the Site!

Midnight Star, which is the video game I wrote the story for, is getting closer to final release, and one of the milestones toward that release is a revamped Web site that features new information about the game and the graphic novel prequel (Midnight Rises, which I also wrote), and forums, where you can learn about […]

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On Being the Best, Or Not

The other day I was reading an piece by Esther Ingliss-Arkell about why everybody thinks they’re better than everyone else, even if, in point of fact, everyone can’t be better than everyone else. While reading it, I had two thoughts: One, it was a nice day when I learned I didn’t have to be […]

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