As It Is December Now, I Can Post Christmas Music, So Here’s Mark Nevin

80s aficionados will remember him as the principal songwriter for Fairground Attraction. Here’s his take on the Christmas song genre, called “Christmas Cake.” I think it’s very sweet, and not just because it’s about cake. Enjoy.

If you enjoyed it, the single is available on iTunes, Amazon and other places where things are sold electronically. And here’s Mark’s site, with links as well.

17 Comments on “As It Is December Now, I Can Post Christmas Music, So Here’s Mark Nevin”

  1. Oh, John, thank you, I LOVE Fairground Attraction, both the lyrics and music, so even though I loathe most Christmas songs with a hunka hunka burning napalm, I’ll give this one a listen. :)

  2. Thank you! Christmas music is one of the joys of the season for me, although I don’t want to hear it beforce Thanksgiving. There are exceptions and I prefer traditional carols which is odd considering my religious beliefs. This song however, is both lyrical and captures magic. A winner.

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggghhhhh!

    Is there noplace that I can escape from this plague? (Well, aside from the top of some snow-covered mountain. At least for now, anyway.)

  4. I enjoyed the song. The favorite part of Christmas is the day itself when it all comes to a screeching halt and what you’re left with is your family in your home and the sense of giving on the mind.

  5. Or both. (I found it lovely at the beginning, butt then it gets very cute and gloppy. Almost cries out for tacky filk.)

  6. No. NO. Bad Scalzi! BAD! NO Christmas music! NO biscuit!

    *mutters something about aural toxicity levels and December*

  7. My taste in Christmas music is limited to the Boss doing ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ and Thurl Ravenscroft singing the Grinch song.

    Trivia bonus question – what role did Ravenscroft ‘play’ on TV for many years?

  8. Hey, you can post Christmas music any day you want. There could even be a “Christmas Song of the Day” every day for the next year.

    Although it might start to get a bit repetitive after a while…

  9. This must be absolutely, positively, the best way to handle Christmas Music. It’s there for those who want it and I don’t have to hear it.

  10. John, yup. And it amazes me how many people still think Boris Karloff sang the Grinch song.

    “But, but, that voice, it sounds so familiar, it must be Karloff!”

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