Whatever Holiday Shopping Guide 2013 Starts Tomorrow!

Every year in the first full week of December I run a shopping guide for the holidays, and it’s been quite successful: Lots of people found out about excellent books and crafts and charities and what have you, making for excellent gift-giving opportunities during the holiday season. I’ve decided to do it again this year.

So: Starting Monday, December 2, the Whatever Holiday Shopping Guide Returns! If you’re a writer or other creator, this will be an excellent time to promote your work on a site which gets up to 50,000 visitors daily, almost all of whom will be interested in stuff for the holidays. If you’re someone looking to give gifts, you’ll see lots of excellent ideas. And you’ll also have a day to suggest stuff to other folks too. Everybody wins!

To give you all time to prepare, here’s the schedule of what will be promoted on which days:

Monday December 2: Traditionally Published Authors — If your work is being published by a publisher a) who is not you and b) gets your books into actual, physical bookstores on a returnable basis, this is your day to tell people about your books. This includes comics/graphic novels.

Tuesday December 3: Non-Traditionally Published Authors — Self published? Electronically published? Or other? This is your day. This also includes comics/graphic novels

Wednesday December 4: Other Creators — Artists, knitters, jewelers, musicians, and anyone who has cool stuff to sell this holiday season, this will be the day to show off your creations.

Thursday December 5: Fan Favorite Day — Not an author/artist/musician/other creator but know about some really cool stuff you think people will want to know about for the holidays? Share! Share with the crowd!

Friday December 6: Charities — If you are involved in a charity, or have a favorite charity you’d like to let people know about, this is the day to do it.

If you have questions about how all of this will work, go ahead and ask them in the comment thread (Don’t start promoting your stuff yet — it’s not time yet), although I will note that specific instructions for each day will appear on that day. Don’t worry, it’ll be pretty easy. Thanks and feel free to share this post with creative folks who will have things to sell this holiday season.

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  1. Reminder:

    DON’T START WITH THE PROMOTING YET. This is just a thread to answer questions about the week. Comments promoting work will be snipped out (although that person will still be able to promote on the appropriate day).

  2. For folks (small press or otherwise) who have more than one thing to offer, would you rather a separate entry for each item, a bigger post, or just to list one thing?

    I appreciate the opportunity, John. Thank you.

  3. Is it OK if I post some Brandon Sanderson propaganda on Thursday? Or does everyone here already know about the bearer of the Great Pen Scalzibane?

    Also, you are an awesome guy, Mr. Scalzi.

  4. I have an ebook available through a small publisher, and it’s available in paperback. Which day should I look into?

    What do I need to do?

    Thanks for doing this.

  5. Joe Evener:

    If it’s available to bookstores on a returnable basis, Monday. Otherwise, Tuesday. If you don’t know if it’s available on a returnable basis, default to Tuesday. And as noted earlier, instructions will be available on the day.

  6. Hi
    I don’t have a website. I am a south african artiist who would like to sell my paintings and drawings on your site. Please advise me how to go about it ?
    Kind regards

  7. Saskia:

    On Wednesday leave contact information for people to reach you. That said, if you’re trying to advertise yourself and have no way for people to see online what you’re selling, you’ll have a difficult time of it. I suggest creating a quick Web site to display some of the work you have for sale. Tumblr is an easy way to do that.

  8. @ Our Glorious Lord Host, may Your glorious Name be praisèd:

    With pleasure, sir! Scalzi ftagn!

  9. Darn. I guess this is where it bites me for not getting the ebook finished sooner…

    Guess I’ll wait for an open pimp thread in the future. :)

  10. John –

    I’m general counsel of a start-up that has a neat, new (electronic) product, but it’s certainly not the sort of bespoke crafts that other (more creative) people would be pimping. Is that within the spirit of the Wednesday pimping thread? It’s certainly not crafty — and I’d love to pimp it — but not if it’s not within the purpose of the thread.

  11. Pretty sure the phrase ‘pimping thread’ is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day now… :)

  12. As a self-published author, definitely looking forward to Tuesday! Thanks for this AWESOME opportunity! Also, I’m sure you’ve already gotten in touch with your good friend Pat Rothfuss about participating, but just in case that somehow slipped by, just a reminder that I’m sure he’d love to get some Worldbuilders action in on this ;)

  13. Thanks for this John! I have books to promote on Monday and Tuesday. As I’m in England, it’s already Monday … I guess you are preparing the guide for 2 December submissions as I type?

  14. I really like the tree artwork you’re using for the Holiday Guides this year. Can you share the name of the artist?

  15. This is so awesome!
    I am a feral cat rescue worker and advocate, to help feed all our feral friends, I hand make and sell polymer clay cats. I am so excited for this wonderful opportunity! Thank you! Purrs and perhaps a few “sweet” hisses from the kitties!


  16. Just wondering if I could promote the films of one very talented film-maker, Mr. Christopher R. Mihm. If you love the classic old sci-fi films of the fifties, you’ll thoroughly enjoy his modern take on the genre. Great fun!

  17. If you are a lover of 1950’s style monster/sci-fi type movies check out sainteuphoria.com. Chris Mihm makes the most wonderful movies and you will love every one of them. This is an awesome place to find something for a special someone. Movies, T-shirts, some other fun stuff!!

  18. If you love 1950’s style films, I have a website for you to check-out and purchase a film I bet your vintage fan will love. Go to http://www.sainteuphoria.com These are independent films made on pennies and they are fabulous.

  19. Sock puppets? Really? You don’t think it’s obvious when three “different people” post the same recommendation in the same non-recommendation thread?

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