Quick Note re: Dec/Jan Big Ideas

I’m a little behind on filling out the calendar for the second half of this month and January. I hope to get to it later today or tomorrow. So if you sent in a Big Idea query for Dec/Jan and have not heard back yet, don’t panic.

Also: No Big ideas this week as we focus on the Shopping Guide. But! If you have a book out this week, by all means note it on the appropriate Shopping Guide day.

1 Comments on “Quick Note re: Dec/Jan Big Ideas”

  1. I read far more non-fiction than fiction, but I can honestly say that most of the science fiction, speculative fiction, and fantasy I’ve read in the last 5 years has come from interviews in the Big Idea.

    Matt Ruff has a very interesting novel scheduled for 2014, I hope he’ll be in the Big Idea again.

    I discovered the sword’n’sorcery with an Arabian Knights twist by Howard Andrew Jones because of the Big Idea as well.

    In the end, I’m sure I’ll discover some great new authors and rediscover a few because of the Big Idea, I thank you, my librarian thanks you, and my friendly local bookseller thanks you as well.

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