Whatever Holiday Shopping Guide 2013, Day Three: Arts, Crafts, Music and More

The Whatever Holiday Shopping Guide 2013 continues, and today we move away from books and focus on other gifts and crafts — which you can take to mean just about any other sort of thing a creative person might make: Music, art, knitting, jewelry, artisanal foodstuffs and so on. These can be great, unique gifts for special folks in your life, and things you can’t just get down at the mall. I hope you see some cool stuff here.

Please note that the comment thread today is only for creators to post about their gifts for sale; please do not leave other comments, as they will be snipped out to keep the thread from getting cluttered. Thanks!

Creators: Here’s how to post in this thread. Please follow these directions!

1. Creators (of things other than books) only. This is an intentionally expansive category, so if you’ve made something and have it available for the public to try or buy, you can probably post about in this thread. The exception to this is books (including comics and graphic novels), which have two previously existing threads, one for traditionally-published works and one for non-traditionally published works (Note: if you are an author and also create other stuff, you may promote that other stuff today). Don’t post if you are not the creator of the thing you want to promote, please.

2. Personally-created and completed works only. This thread is specifically for artists and creators who are making their own unique works. Mass-produceable things like CDs, buttons or T-shirts are acceptable if you’ve personally created what’s on it. But please don’t use this thread for things that were created by others, which you happen to sell. Likewise, do not post about works in progress, even if you’re posting them publicly elsewhere. Remember that this is supposed to be a gift guide, and that these are things meant to be given to other people. Also, don’t just promote yourself unless you have something to sell or provide, that others may give as a gift.

3. One post per creator. In that post, you can list whatever creations of yours you like, but allow me to suggest you focus on your most recent creation. Note also that the majority of Whatever’s readership is in the US/Canada, so I suggest focusing on things available in North America.

4. Keep your description of your work brief (there will be a lot of posts, I’m guessing) and entertaining. Imagine the person is in front of you as you tell them about your work and is interested but easily distracted.

5. You may include a link to a sales site if you like by using standard HTML link scripting. Be warned that if you include too many links (typically three or more) your post may get sent to the moderating queue. If this happens, don’t panic: I’ll be going in through the day to release moderated posts. Note that posts will occasionally go into the moderation queue semi-randomly; Don’t panic about that either.

6. As noted above, comment posts that are not from creators promoting their work as specified above will be deleted, in order to keep the comment thread useful for people looking to find interesting work.

Now: Tell us about your stuff!

147 Comments on “Whatever Holiday Shopping Guide 2013, Day Three: Arts, Crafts, Music and More”

  1. Again: This thread is for makers of arts/crafts and musician/artists, etc only. Any other comments, including questions or comments about the work in the thread, will be deleted (and unlike I usually do, there will be no trace it ever existed). This is to keep the thread clear for its sole purpose: Giving readers here a list of cool stuff to consider for gifts this holiday season.

    Reminder also that there are threads for other works and recommendations:

    Monday: Traditionally published books (if you’re an author of a traditionally published work, you can still post here)
    Yesterday: Non-Traditionally published books (again, if you’re an author in this category, you can still post here)
    Tomorrow: Fan recommendations
    Friday: Charities

    So there will almost certainly be a chance for you to promote yourself and/or the work of someone who makes cool gifts.

  2. Thanks for the space, John!

    My friend and I make Aroma Jewelry inspired by the characters of the Hunger Games. It’s distinctive and unique! We’ve combined essential oils to create a scent that will invoke the essence of each of these memorable characters. Beads and charms are added to further capture the tone of the personalities of these books and movies.

    We believe jewelry should involve more than one of the senses and be both a visual and aromatic experience! Check us out at NaturalSynergyStore.etsy.com

  3. Music CD – “Silence” – think Dowland lute songs of the modern age. Diane Severson (soprano – that’s me) and Meinhard Gerlach (lute) perform works by Gerlach himself to poetry by R. M. Rilke, Emily Dickinson, C. Morgenstern and others (mostly in the original German). Beautiful yet unusual melodies and sounds to be heard. go have a listen: http://cdbaby.com/dsmg Available as digital download or hard-copy CD.

  4. Jewelry from http://www.tahmi.com! Two things make my work different. First is technique – I weave fabric from precious metal wire then embed that metal fabric behind various shapes of glass. I fuse different layers of glass together to play with the different optical and distortional effects glass provides to create very distinctive and super sparkly effects. Secondly, I have designed two different types of clasps that are much easier for everyone to use (video demonstrations are on the website). My design philosophy has always been that jewelry should make you pretty, not pretty mad!

    But if you prefer to see my work in person, my last show of the season will be Winterfair in Columbus OH this weekend. There will be about 400 other artists to see as well, so you should be able to make a good dent in your holiday shopping list!

  5. Thanks for the opportunity, John!

    Today I’d like to talk about the Mac and iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod touch) apps I’ve developed.

    For the writers out there in need of a tool to track their submissions, check out Story Tracker, for Mac and iOS.

    For artists and collectors who’d like to track their collections, creation notes, and submissions, there’s Artwork Tracker, for Mac and iOS.

    For bonsai enthusiasts to track development of their trees, I’ve created Bonsai Album, for Mac and iOS.

    And finally, cacti and succulent collectors might be interested in my iOS app, Cactus Album.

    You can learn more about all the above via my website: andrewnicolle.com

    Merry Christmas, and best wishes for the New Year :)


  6. Do you dress up for cons or Steampunk events & wish you had something else to hang your badge from? Looking for accessories to add to your outfit? At Beads Above, I have lanyards and pins to hold your badges, and small chains that you can hang badges or keys from. I also sell hair clips with Swarovski crystals and earrings in several styles. I make most of my own jump rings, in brass, copper & aluminum, along with hand coloring many of the components,such as gears for lanyards& pins,and leaves for the earrings. I’m also happy to take custom orders for most styles of lanyards, chains & earrings.

    You can find all this in my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/BeadsAbove

    You can also find more photos and natterings about my work on my Beads Above Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BeadsAbove

  7. I make heirloom-quality custom handkerchiefs, specifically for weddings but useful for any occasion. Some are Irish linen, some are vintage edged with lace, all are made just for you. I can have single handkerchiefs done by Christmas or New Year’s, depending on which is your gift holiday.

    My Etsy shop: StitchinBliss.

  8. ‘Kelham Island Voices’ is an independently produced recording of mostly-English folk songs. The recordings are all unaccompanied, recreating the atmosphere of the English pub where the singers met (but without the mobile phones and the coffee maker!).
    Sounds clips are available on the website, and international orders received by next Thursday (14th December) should arrive in time for Christmas!

  9. I’m a writer and illustrator and I have an Etsy shop full of original art, prints, and creature creations for kids and adults. My work is whimsical and weird, full of cephalopodic inspired portraits, Monster Girls, Monster Cupcakes, Geeky Character Portraits (Lydia Deetz and Amy Pond are my newest) and anything I find strange and beautiful. Everything up in my shop is ready to ship and find a new home for the holidays. You get a free Monster Cupcake ornament with every purchase this month.

    Shop: MonsterTeaTime.etsy.com (https://www.etsy.com/shop/monsterteatime)

  10. Cool MESSENGER BAGS and ACCESSORIES for interesting people*. http://www.bagchemistry.com/ All eco-friendly, heavy cotton canvas, unstructured and printed with original high quality colorful designs.

    *men, women, kids, pirates, readers, adventurers, zombies, cthulhu, godzilla, aliens, geeks, and nerds of all stripes.

  11. Thanks again for the opportunity, John. This time I’m boosting the business my husband and I run, Laughing Coyote Woodworks. All kinds of items handcrafted in wood: fireplace bellows, clocks, rocking horses, cradles, mirrors, cedar boxes, and many more. Other items (cutting boards and cheese boards) are available through our Etsy shop. We also love to do custom work.

  12. Rebound Designs is a second chance for well-loved books. I transform rescued and recycled books into one of a kind accessories for the literary minded.

    If your style is more Chicago Manual than Vogue, check out the Book Purses. Made from recycled hardback books and lined with beautiful fabrics, each Book Purses is a one of a kind, and the perfect gift for a bookish lady.

    For the literary technophile, I make iPad and e-reader covers out of old books, so you can have all of the convenience of technology wrapped inside the familiar feel of an actual book. Book lovers, I’ve got you covered!

    (Don’t panic! No first editions were harmed.)

  13. Hello!

    We Lost Girls over at Chaos and Curiosities make a lot of handmade goods. Our Etsy store currently has a selection of wallets I make from all the cool prints and colors of duck tape and some of the jewelry we make. We add random items when inspiration strikes us to try something new.

    Come check it out and tell your friends.

  14. Hi! Thanks for the forum, John! I create wearable- and/or functional-art beaded bookmarks in a wide variety of styles.

    These include the very practical book garters, which hold a book closed with an elastic loop while marking your place with a bead-weighted strand, to the phenomenally impractical one-of-a-kind pieces which can be worn as necklaces, sashes or belts if one prefers that to wrapping them in a book – though really, they are inspired by and meant to live in books.

    Samples: http://www.dreamspell.net/crafts/ParallelProcessing.jpg

  15. Yer a wizard, infant.

    Yep, the Harry Potter generation has grown up and begun to decorate their nurseries! Check out my Etsy shop for beautiful Harry Potter quilts, banners, pennants, and tissue holders for everyone from wee nugget wizards to those old enough to have their own Chocolate Frog cards:

    And for every Whovian on your Christmas list: tissue holders with the famous “big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey… stuff” quote on them.

    Enter the coupon code WHATEVER for free shipping!

  16. I make geeky embroidered things! Buttons and bookmarks and art for your wall/shelf/wherever you want to put it. Lots of Doctor Who, some Hobbit and LotR, and a couple other odds and ends.

    I also take commissions, but there may not be enough time to get one done before the holidays. But you can always ask!

    My shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/daleksteahouse
    And my tumblr with WIPs and other things that haven’t made it to my store: http://sarahserinde.tumblr.com/tagged/my-crafts

  17. Hello! I am Sara Leighton with Illuminate Crochet and I design crochet patterns. If you are a crocheter (or know one!) who is interested in clear, well-written, and unique patterns, my patterns are for you! My preferred projects are baby sets though I am expanding into other categories. I also blog, sell samples, and work up commissions on occasion.

    My patterns can be found on both Ravelry and Craftsy:

    I hope you have a lovely holiday season. Cheers!

  18. I create one-of-a-kind wire and stone jewelry over at Falling Leaf Arts. Geekily inspired at the intersection of organic and inorganic, I have a love of working in wire and seeing what form it will take, and combining it with stone, metal, glass, and pearl to set each off to best advantage. A bit of steampunk in the mix, though a lot lighter than the typical gearworks, and a few rainbow pieces (the LGBTQ line is in development, as I play with the strictures of the form), I carry something for everyone.

    Also, 15% off sale this week with the coupon code ADVENT15

  19. My shop is Marjoriam’s Colony (welcoming of happiness), I hand make polymer clay cats to spread the awareness of feral cats and the importance of Trap Neuter and Return. The cats that I create are individually unique and depict human characteristics. Molly the school bus driver, teachers, musicians, and even the holy family are waiting with anticipation for your visit! My shop is reasonably priced, 100 percent of the proceeds go directly to the cats! Custom orders are always welcomed!


  20. I’m part of a company, http://www.safeinhome.com, that’s providing a substantial improvement to the ubiquitous — but quite limited — life alert (“I’ve fallen but I can’t get up”) buttons.

    When an elderly parent is on their own for the first time, they very much want to maintain their independence of course — and delay the onset of expensive in-home care — but adult children worry about how they’re doing. We provide a smart-phone based platform which, through the use of motion sensors (but no cameras or microphones!), lets adult children see that Mom’s up and about and in her routine. It includes customizable alerts, so if you just want to find out if Mom isn’t out of bed by — say 10AM — or if she hasn’t taken her pills, you’ll get an alert.

    Mom doesn’t have to wear anything or learn any new technology. We believe this gives the adult children a real peace of mind about how their Mom or Dad is doing. And there’s no limit (or additional charge) for adding siblings or neighbors, so anyone who is worried about Mom can help keep an eye on her.

    This is not a fun thing to deal with, but it’s impossible to avoid. I’m not the sort of awesome crafty folks like so many others in this community, but we’re very proud of what we’re doing and we think we can make your life — if you are in the situation — a lot easier.

  21. Thanks for the signal boost, John!

    I have two crafty passions: paper and pottery. Both can be found at my Etsy site, Dragonfly Paper and Pottery.

    All of my pottery is hand built and unique. My favorite items are the labyrinth bowls. Using a chopstick or your finger, you can trace the path of the labyrinth and meditate. Perfect for this hectic time of year! There’s also plenty of decorative and functional plates and platters, plus origami gift boxes for wrapping up your small gift items.


    Shop now until December 24th, and use the coupon code WHATEVER20 to take 20% off of your purchase of $10 or more! Happy Holidays, Whateverians!

  22. If you’re looking for a charming KNIT HAT, SCARF, or EAR WARMER made with direct from the farm fiber, then look no further!

    Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RussellCreekFibers

    For knitters, spinners, and fiber enthusiasts I also sell ALPACA, ANGORA, and WOOL ROVINGS and YARN. One touch and you’ll never use synthetic or store-bought fiber again.

    Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, our farm is 100% organic, and all of our animals are raised in the natural environment with a lot of love.

    I am happy to do custom orders. Riders really enjoy my woven saddle blankets for their horses.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity, John!

  23. I am a fantasy artist working in a primarily anime style; subjects include fairy, steampunk, and anthropomorphic. I also make wire jewelry and stuffed animals. My Etsy shop currently has original artwork and prints, jewelry, and stuffed steampunk mice. I am working on a new set of Schrodinger’s-Cat-In-A-Box, which should be up on my Etsy shop early next week!

    My Etsy shop: http://bewildered.etsy.com
    My web site (with more art prints & info on Schrodinger’s Cats): http://www.bewilderedart.com

    I also sell anime catgirl pinups & mature art at http://wildehome.etsy.com

    On my Etsy shops, use coupon code TWITTER13 to get 20% off any order through 12/17!

    Caveat: I am having major surgery on December 20th; orders placed after 12/17 will not be shipped in time for Christmas, and may be delayed as late as mid-January depending on how my recovery goes.

  24. I’m a graphic designer, recently working on some information graphics in my free time. Mostly involving baseball and outer space stuff. If either of these subjects interest you, perhaps you will enjoy some nifty, well-designed [humble!] posters.

    Here’s my two latest, but feel free to navigate back to the main site to see others. Handy “buy” buttons at the bottom of each page, should you want to find out more.

    Thanks all [and John]!



  25. Stuff for your skin — Crap Free, Guaranteed. (I used to say ‘all natural’, but that includes arsenic and komodo dragons. You want a komodo dragon in your bathroom, you gotta go somewhere else.)

    ANYWAY. Handmade soap and lip balms and bath salts and such — find em at The Vagabond Tabby.

    Thanks, John!

  26. A few months ago, we (my wife and I) started our own little indy game studio and released a game we wrote called “Tactical Space Command” on the Mac/iTunes App Store for Mac and iPad. Being a bit on the hard-core side — i.e., something more appropriate for giving to the average budding strategy gaming grandchild than your average grandparent (though we all know exceptions!), it’s most certainly not for everyone (but it’s gotten decent reviews on the store and by people who like this sort of thing, so we’re proud of that). It could probably be most properly described as Harpoon in SPAAAAACE (which I suppose only means something if you actually played Harpoon, but if you did, it means the game might just be for you).

    Anyway, more info is available on the game web site here: http://www.lensflare.com/tsc/

  27. Three words: Zombie. Sock. Monkey. That’s right, Zombie Sock Monkey. And, well, all sorts of other cool things — all in the form of awesomely awesome handcrafted letterpress cards made on a vintage Vandercook press. My friend James makes the cards and I do many illustrations for him (including a wide variety of zombie sock monkeys, among other things). He does a lot of the illustrations himself, including his brilliantly, simply poignant bird cards.

    Sometimes, e-cards don’t cut it, and sending a real card is the way to go. Please come check out the letterpress goodness here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ModelCitizenPress

    Thanks for visiting, and thank you, John, for the opportunity to get the crafty word out to the masses! :)

  28. Hi John, thanks for doing this!

    My wife and I have a small business called Broomhilde. We make brooms, walking sticks and magic wands along with an assortment of other handmade things, usually wood carving related, that fire up our creativity.

    You can find us on our Facebook page:
    Our Etsy site:

    And in the coming year, you can find us at the following renaissance festivals:

    Arizona Renaissance Festival (near Phoenix, AZ, weekends in February and March)
    The Castle of Muskogee (Muskogee, OK, weekends in May)
    Sterling Renaissance Festival (near Oswego, NY weekends in July and August)
    The Minnesota Renaissance Festival (near Minneapolis, weekends in August and September)
    Carolina Renaissance Festival (near Charlotte, NC, weekends in October and November)

    The etsy site is currently stocked with a good selection of brooms and I’m hoping to get magic wands up today! If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just let me know! It’s too late to get anything custom made by christmas but you never know, your piece might be hiding under a pile of sawdust in the back of the shop. ;)

  29. Hi there! My name is Meredith. My company name is She Said Pop, because what I do could be loosely categorized as pop art.

    You’ll probably want to check out my fabulous hand made Glitter Bacon Christmas Ornaments (yes, they are exactly what they sound like!).

    I also do custom digital pet portraits for just $10! These make incredibly thoughtful gifts for cat and dog lovers – and because I email the finished drawings right to your inbox, I can send ’em fast and free to anywhere in the world.

    Happy shopping!

  30. Farmageddon is a light card game for casual gamers, families tired of Uno, or regular gamers under the influence of holiday libations. In the game, you all play as farmers trying to harvest your own crops while foiling the plans of others. Great art and laugh out loud tomfoolery in a tiny box.

    I designed the game, which was published by the small publisher 5th Street games. It received a 2012 Parent’s Choice Award and is available via Amazon (and your local stores!) for $12. Thanks!


  31. I make handmade ceramic jewelry for men and women that is inspired by nature, science and critical thinking.

    My jewelry line is called Surly-Ramics and I have an Etsy shop. Shop link here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/surly

    I have a coupon code good for 15% off your entire order: SHOPHAPPY

    I also do custom requests and I really appreciate the support! Thank you for letting us link!

    ~Surly Amy

  32. Hey there! I make & sell jewelry over at Iris Elise — most of my pieces include semi-precious stones, glass, and vintage beads and findings. I repurpose a lot of old jewelry and use a lot of bright color and unusual elements (one of my necklaces is made from quartz and seed pods!). My pieces are great for anyone who likes statement jewelry, bright color, and/or funky designs.

    Most pieces range from $15-30.


  33. Fantastic music!

    I’m a musician in the Capital City Ringers, a community handbell ensemble in Lansing, Michigan. Never heard of handbells? Imagine a piano played by 14 people with only 2 fingers on each hand. It’s kind of like that – only gorgeous and awesome, and we still have all our fingers, I promise.

    We have four CDs available through our website with music that runs gamut from hymns to show tunes. The newest CD is Aurora Bronzealis which features live recordings from previous holiday concerts, including the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24), selections from The Nutcracker, and the William Tell Overture, because it’s fun.

    Thanks for looking. And thank you, John, for the space to promote our passions.

  34. Hello! I paint things.

    I don’t have a storefront set up, but I do have a gallery and would be happy to discuss any sales. Most of the originals are available, or I can provide high-quality prints suitable for display. If nothing else, I hope you take a look and enjoy what you see!

  35. Thanks for doing this again, John.

    I’ve gotten a little overwhelmed by social media and texting and digital this and digital that, so I’ve started The Letter, where I mail a handwritten or typed letter to people every single month, with essays, fiction, recipes, and a bunch of other stuff. Guaranteed to be 100% social media-free!


    There are different levels to the subscriptions. You can just get a subscription for a year ($12) or you can pay more and get gifts, signed books, a collectible, maybe even a phone call from me.

    Thanks for looking! And have a great Christmas.


  36. I’m Dara, leader of the supervillain geekmusic band Crime and the Forces of Evil. We have released two full-length albums and an EP. New this summer, we produced and released Kaiju Meat, a download-single for Jaegercon, the Pacific Rim fan convention. Put on good headphones for that one, it has deeeeeep bass.

    Just for you guys, I’ve just put all downloads on pay-what-you-like on Bandcamp! Zero to one MILLION dollars, it’s up to you. (Physical CDs not so much; those are expensive to make, and you can’t steal everything, now can you? XD) So go grab while you can, who are we to judge?

    Our full-length albums are also on iTunes (Dick Tracy Must Die, Cracksman Betty) of course.

    Thanks for letting us post these, John!

  37. Are you a Doctor Who fan but not ready to dress like a Dalek to say so? At my shop I make elegant and subtle Doctor Who themed gifts. Check out http://www.etsy.com/shop/kobsdesigns to see my latest creation, handmade Weeping Angel Christmas Tree Toppers. They are 12″ tall and will look like a normal angel to your not Whovian friends but your Whovian guests won’t be able to look away. I also make blue crystal tardis earrings with hook or post backs, available in sterling silver for sensitive ears. And to keep you nice and toasty this winter, I have knit Rose Tyler gloves in several colors. Happy Holidays!

  38. I’m a designer and maker of personal accessories for men and women with a vintage flair, or what I like to refer to as “Classic Designs for Modern Life”! Being a big art history geek, I have turned my obsession into a full-time business and I create unique gift items that will allow you to look like the sophisticated and cultured gift-giver that we all know you are. Stop on by my website and have a look around. You will find lots of Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Mid Century designs on cell phone cases, compact mirrors, trinket boxes, card cases, and flasks. And just for you special people reading this, use coupon code SHOP10 at checkout and get 10% off your order through Jan. 1!


    Thanks John for the great gift guide! Happy Holidays to all.

  39. Shiny Glass Creations is back for its 3rd year! Come check out some beautiful fused glass earrings! The Fairie Stones and Mermaid Pearls earrings are so sparkly and magical!

    Order by Dec 8 to ensure you receive your order in time for Christmas. Every order comes with a little thank you gift that people just love!

    Use coupon code SCALZI to save 10% off your order.


  40. Small Lowbrow oil painter that paints with hands instead of brushes and is fascinated with Albino Minotaurs and penguins. Website (http://ManciniHoran.com) has my paintings, and the gift shop of painting oriented merch is at http://eugeniamancinihoran.bigcartel.com It also has organic soap and candles for that delicate touch of random. Please visit if you wear your imagination with pride and like to stand out in a crowd. Or, just want to feed the proverbial starving artist. That’s ok too..

  41. Sorry for the wrong thread. Thanks for this!

    I’m a Graphic Designer and contract illustrator with expertise in both Photoshop and Illustrator. I am very skilled with traditional materials such as pen & ink, graphite, scratch board, and marker.

    In the last 10 years, I’ve developed my abilities with digital illustration. I’ve been illustrating books, both children’s as well as anecdotal, fantasy, and professional guides, for over a decade. I’ve also created screen print designs for various garments, clip art, mock-ups for sculpture and a variety of gift items, illustrations for mugs, plates, trivets, and more, as well as a plethora of other products.

    Additionally, I have an Etsy store, Clever Vectors, where I sell my own digitally illustrated and realistic clip art featuring everything from animals to tea cups to food to holiday collections. A link to my store can be found on my website under “Etsy Clip Art”.

  42. I create wearable fiber art – scarves, headbands, clips, brooches, and more – with an enchanted forest feel. Lots of embroidered leaves, flowers, feathers, Venus flytraps, and moths. Lush colors and unusual designs. All handmade. I can make these designs vegan friendly if desired. Custom orders are welcome!


    The Faerie Market: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheFaerieMarket

    Thank you, John!

  43. I make Bold Bodacious Jewelry – gemstone jewelry where the jewelry becomes a partner in your soul’s journey. I am a gemstone empath and use my intuitive ability to create jewelry that is not only beautiful but supports you on a deep level. The piece can become an amulet, a tool that will support you energetically as you pursue your goals and your passion on your way to creating your own Bold Bodacious life.

    Take a look at the photos and let yourself open to and feel the power – see what calls to you. All purchases thru December – the earrings are Free with necklace purchase.

  44. I’m a lever harpist specializing in Scottish music (though a little more than half of my recordings are my original compositions, rather than arrangements of traditional tunes). If you like that sort of thing, you can download my music at Bandcamp: http://elizabethtimmerman.bandcamp.com/

    Note: I will be recording higher-quality versions of many of those tunes this weekend, and should have an album available to download next week, instead of just the individual tunes.

  45. I write and perform geeky ukulele music, and I brought out two albums in 2013, one a solo album and the other a compilation album with the band Copy Red Leader (vague hint: CRL is also quite, quite geeky). Perhaps the best measure of the tone of the music is the title of each album. The one that is all me is called Beowulf Pulled My Arm Off; the compilation album is Pirate Elves in Space. Both may be listened to and purchased on Bandcamp:



  46. Thanks for the generous ad space, John!

    From Ferris Wheels to Humpback Whales…

    Tired of staring at that blank wall? I can help. I love to create breath-taking photography for people’s enjoyment and use in home and office decor. My subjects are varied, but my inspiration is always to find and share the beauty in a single moment.

    Let me add a special moment to your life. Shop over 500 of my photos and graphic art images at alyciachristine.artistwebsites.com. Browse by gallery (Alaska, Graphic Art, Bugs, Caves, Landscapes, Objects, Sea Creatures, Western, etc.) or search keywords to find your favorite scene.

    Prints are available as greeting cards, metal art, framed prints, stretched canvases, and more! Don’t forget to use the December-only promo code listed on my site’s main page for 15% OFF all purchases through the end of 2013.

    Merry Christmas!
    Alycia Christine

    P.S.-I also write fantasy fiction and nonfiction books, but John said that those don’t belong in the ad space here so see alyciachristine.com for more information. Thanks!

  47. I am an artist working with fantasy, sf and nature themes, which a particular love of space made sparkly and/or whimsical. I have a shop at jeliza.artfire.com (which will return to being more fully populated next week, as I will be at the Cascade Winterfair show in Seattle on Saturday the 7th) and more artwork that isn’t listed yet in my shop but can be ordered by e-mail at my portfolio at jeliza.net

    (I also design wedding albums and other special photo books at à la carte albums but you’ve missed the boat on Christmas for those, as custom handmade books are not a quickly made thing.)

  48. Thank you so much for this, Mr. Scalzi; it’s very kind.

    I make art of Goddesses and Gods, mostly, though I’ve got some Tarot card art (and the occasional other thing too). My main web site (so you can see the stuff) is here; I sell the art both as prints through my deviantArt gallery, or on t-shirts here.

  49. I make crocheted yarn art scarves, hats, shawls and the like. They’re fluffy, warm, soft and quite unique.
    I enjoy making them, and the cats like to watch (occasionally they try to make a grab as well). Selling a few pieces also would also help me very much financially.

    Examples (and 2 pieces available for immediate purchase!) are here: http://peachtales.tumblr.com/

    Please contact me at airpeach001 at gmail dot com, and thank you for considering my creations. Thank you also to you, John.

  50. Hi! This is rad, thank you John!

    I am an artist who makes colorful hand-painted comics, mainly about things related to videogames, but also other stuff (some horror, some autobiographical, some abstract, etc!). Because I do everything by hand, I sell the originals (and a few prints, too) here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ManicPixelDreamGirl

    (Oh, and enter INTHISTHEYEAROFLUIGI at checkout for a 20% holiday discount on orders over $20!!)

    Also, you can check out my porfolio (http://cargocollective.com/eliz) and if you see anything you like and it isn’t on my Etsy, there’s a good chance I’d be happy to sell it to you if you email me at elizabeth.simins at gmail.com.

    Thank you so much! And have a lovely holiday. :)

  51. I sell cufflinks made of vintage transit tokens, pendants made from vintage keys and beads, and other found object jewelry items at The Floating Market on Etsy. It has a bit of a p-poc feel, or steampunk for the *very* broadest definitions of the genre. (I don’t consider it steampunk myself, but others have called it that, so…)


    I also have/had an Etsy shop for my photography, but I discovered that photographs are *really* hard to sell on Etsy, so I shut it down for the time being. However, if anyone where interested in my photo work you could contact me about it through my main Etsy store. http://www.flickr.com/photos/irvingplace/sets/72157625108049152/

  52. I am sold out of nearly everything after my annual Black Friday sale last week, but I do still have gift subscriptions available for my Earring Club. Why send one present when you could send three – http://wyrdingstudios.com/item.php?Id=8684 – or six – http://wyrdingstudios.com/item.php?Id=8687 ? The first shipment comes giftwrapped in time for Christmas, and the recipient gets the option of customizing their future shipments or letting me surprise them. It’s $50 for three months or $100 for six months, which is a considerable savings over my normal subscription prices.

    I’ve been making jewelry for a living for the better part of a decade, and selling it online since before Etsy ever existed. Several people have stayed in my earring club since I started it seven years ago.

    Thank you for the promotion opportunity!

  53. Thanks for doing this every year, John! And thanks for continuing to write good books :)

    I am a photographic artist who creates distinct photo greeting cards and prints. My work frequently focuses on color and texture. I see the world beneath the world that we are so accustomed to seeing and hardly notice anymore. So in other words, my work has imaginative and fantastic aspects.

    I have an etsy shop at nanotimephotography.etsy.com

  54. I am a ceramics artist and make stone wear bowls and mugs. Some are wheel thrown, some handbuilt. People seem to especially like the hand built textured tripod mugs – a friend calls them ‘dragon-belly’ mugs. You can see examples of my work here: http://www.ljcohen.net/ceramics.html

    In addition to work for sale, I am also open to art trades.

  55. I do Art Photography and handspun yarn.

    Prints can be ordered, up to about 19×14, and will arrive in time for the holiday.

    Yarns are a little different, as I don’t have many skeins ready at the moment, but I can work to order and will sent a card to announce the imminent arrival of the handmade yarns.

    Drop me line at terrykarny at gmail.com

  56. Greetings!

    I am a painter, screen printer, and drinker of many glorious coffees. I recently published a book of my coffee and watercolor paintings entitled Coffee Creatures.

    You can check out my artwork at https://www.CodyVrosh.com

    You can buy books and prints over here… https://www.etsy.com/shop/codyvrosh

    And don’t forget about my hand screen printed shirts and neckties from Binary Winter Press, which you can pick up here… https://www.etsy.com/shop/binarywinter

    Thank you kindly, I hope you and everybody on here is having an excellent evening. Cheers!

    -Cody Vrosh

  57. From my camera to your space. I aspire to tell a story, capturing a moment that otherwise passes all too quickly. My photos reflect the quirkiness found when the time is taken to truly stop and look, waiting patiently for just the right moment.

    Prints and other photographic loveliness available at http://www.zazzle.com/lunisea*

  58. I have several Indie movies for sale on Amazon. “Not Quite Lyin’ Eyes” (2013) is the newest one. You can read a review at TheIndependentCritic.com. Thank you.

  59. Thanks, John! I make awesome and geeky hand knits for baby over at sprogtoggery.com, because anyone baby can rock a ducky or a bunny, but it takes a special kid to pull off a pair of Heisenberg booties.I’m just saying.

  60. My 2014 Wall Calendar is now available, featuring photos from Hilton Head Island, Rocky Mountain National Park, Shenandoah National Park and more. Photos reflect the seasons and are professional quality. Landscapes! Ducklings! Snowmen! Preview all months and purchase at the site below:


    Thanks John for generously sharing your space yet again! :)

  61. I’ve got animal paintings I have been working on, as a series. They’re all posted here, http://amarthart.blogspot.com/

    With links to buy either the originals, prints, monotypes, and some shirts.

    I also have a TON of other art, mostly paintings, here at my site listed by series/category, along with some of my photography. http://resonanteye.net/buyit
    most of the originals and monotypes are listed here, as I get to them: http://www.zibbet.com/anjimarth

    I might be too late to post, but I love this thread! Thank you for doing this!

  62. Hiya! I make custom contemporary kilts – each one made by me and to your individual measurements and design desires. Since my holiday deadline has passed – I do offer gift certificates for the kilts… http://www.altkilt.com/

    I also run a small Etsy shop with Steampunk accessories – such as Maverick holsters, bandoleers and geeky single pockets. I have a lot of ready to ship items stocked in that shop so take a look (and save 20% with the code THANKFUL20). These are all made with the left over fabric from the kilts…. https://www.etsy.com/shop/altkilt

  63. With a friend, I make ceramics that are totally functionally and amazingly lovely. We use a fine porcelain and throw the pieces on a potter’s wheel, and then decorate them using cake decorating techniques (imagine an actual pastry bag and all the different metal tips, but instead of buttery frosting we use clay). Each bowl, cup or vase feels great and looks elegant—this is art that you are meant to use and enjoy!

    You can buy our pottery at http://www.jampdx.etsy.com

  64. Hi! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!

    Under Glass Quirks, at http://www.sharenjohnston.com you will find quirky sculptural critters such as dragonflies, butterflies, frogs and lizards inspired by stories from friends and family and my own quirky sense of humour plus seasonal art all made from wire and stained glass. My critters are really cool, and whimsical, appealing to all ages, are bendable, can be left out in the garden, and have their own names and personalities.

    Everything I make has a sculptural three D element, but the boats are definitely the most “in the round”. Graceful replicas, or models of sail boats in stained glass, check them out on either of my two sites.

    I also make tree of life circular panels, many of them double sided, each one unique, although I can make another similar to the picture if that one happens to have sold when you reach me. To find more pretties check me out at http://www.etsy.com/shop/Glassquirks. I also design and build custom pieces, just drop me a line.

    Thanks for your time!

  65. Hello!
    Thank you, John, for the space!
    I’m a Faerie Artist creating jewelry, adornments and Faerie Finery! I also offer photographs, drawings, mixed-media art and intuitive Faerie Readings!
    Depending on the day, you can find me deep in glitter (fairy dust!), computer or engine parts, toys, resin, wire, clay and much, much more! Just like the Faeries, I create jewelry with loving intent, a dash of mischief, a bit of flash, a lick of fire and generous beauty! I believe that life should be lived surrounded by beauty and magic!
    More details are on my website at http://www.spritecreations.com!
    I, too, have an Etsy shoppe which showcases that aforementioned Faerie Finery! Flit on over and take a look! http://www.spritecreations.etsy.com!
    Have the merriest of Winter Holidays!

  66. Hi there! I make hypoallergenic jewelry with a bohemian flair. My best-known design is a Turquoise bracelet combo that appeared in Vogue Magazine a few months ago http://bit.ly/IS6dKl and my other best sellers are these silk ribbon bracelets that make unique, really fun gifts http://bit.ly/IS6xsx. I also recycle vintage leather belts into cool leather cuffs http://bit.ly/IL1Gc0 for women and men.

    Take a look at my shop http://www.everdesigns.com

    Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday season!

    ♥ Noriane

  67. If you are looking for custom-etched glassware with a nerdy theme, go visit Red Moon Creations. With hundreds of designs on different types of glassware, there’s something for everyone, no matter your fandom. The glasses are sand-etched by two creators in Niagara Falls, Ontario, and they take custom requests. http://www.etsy.com/shop/redmooncreations

  68. Thanks John!

    I’d like to post about Molly Crabapple’s shop: http://mollycrabapple.com/shop
    It has prints, t-shirts and books that range from inexpensive posters to hand silkscreened 25″ tall serigraphs and sumptuous giclees on heavyweight rag paper.
    The artwork is all Molly’s surreal, Victorian-inspired pen and ink illustrations ranging from political posters to gorgeous portraits to full pages of insanely detailed tentacles, cats and goddesses.

    You can learn more about her work at http://mollycrabapple.com

  69. Are you into steampunk? Or just looking for something different for your holiday gift-giving? You can find steampunk-themed jewelry, hats and accessories at our Etsy shop, Otherwhen Oddities at https://www.etsy.com/shop/otherwhenoddities.

    Otherwhen Oddities is your mercantile shop for jewelry, accessories, art and treasures from everywhere and everywhen, from this now and other, altered nows–Steampunk, Victorian, Fantasy…anything that strikes our fancy. When the Here and Now are just not enough…

    Items are created from old, new, found. repurposed, upcycled and transformed bits and pieces, and brought together here for your consideration. All items are hand-made by my wife Bev Hale or me with care and attention to detail, and thus no two items are exactly alike.

    Like what you see, but don’t see anything that exactly fits your needs or desires? Please send us a convo at otherwhenoddities@gmail.com; we do commissions.

    Come browse the shelves. Have a cup of tea. Come back often.

  70. I make unique yet affordable wire wrapped jewelry.
    It’s been described as affordable elegance.

    Please look at my Facebook page to see what I have made and give me a like:

    I am regularly making new pieces to post. If you see something you like message me. If you don’t see something you are looking for, message me and we can look at having a piece commissioned just for you.

  71. Mr. Scalzi has been kind enough to post about CameraBag 2, the filter-based photo app I make with my brother and a college friend, on this blog. The original CameraBag was the very first iPhone vintage photo app, so some of you may be very angry with us. The newer CameraBag is about combining in-depth editing with the filters, but you can still click around to get interesting results right away.

    The iOS versions (CameraBag 2 and CameraBag 2 HD for iPad) are free today and tomorrow (Dec. 10th and 11th) on the app store, and are otherwise cheapskate-level inexpensive as gifts.

    The luxurious $20 desktop version for Mac and PC can be purchased and given as a gift either via our site or the Mac App Store.

    So… get the gift that will make all your other gifts look better? Still working on the slogan.

    Website: http://www.nevercenter.com/camerabag


  72. Thanks for the opportunity, sorry I just saw this thread!

    I am glad to say that I make one-of-a-kind artisan snow globes.

    Yes, snow globes.

    Water-filled snowballs of goodness with quirky scenes ranging from steampunk airships and Escher stairs, to wine bottles and warrior rhinos and intricate beaded fences. You can check out my current and past work at my website http://camrynforrest.com/

    You can also head on over to my Etsy shop to see what’s posted there.

    Many of the designs are posted first on the camrynforrest.com website and often aren’t around long enough make it to Etsy, so if you see something you like, try the “contact us” button to see if it’s available or if we have a similar one in construction.One of my quirks (and I have a few) is that I don’t use “snow” — we like to experiment with metallic glitter, transparent shapes, microdust to get unusual textures and depth when the globes are shaken.

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