Today’s Self-Interested Reminder

You have just one week left to order signed and personalized book from me for the holidays, and in doing so, bring joy and contentment to some lucky person on your gift-giving list (and also, thereby, yourself). Yes: Do it for you. Here are the details.

1 Comments on “Today’s Self-Interested Reminder”

  1. larnotlars – Denver – I am a veterinarian by day, but play blacksmith by days off... I also like to build computers and slay denziens on said computers.... politically I am libertarian left with a little Heineinesce attitude towards foreign powers (real, not idiots with rpg's and delusions of global power...) I also like warm cookies, puppies and backrubs

    I think that I got the last “Mallet” unless they can get a new shipment in!

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