Daily Archives: December 9, 2013

The Clayton Memorial Medical Fund Could Use a Hand

My friend Jim Fiscus was on the board with me at SFWA, and he’s on the board of the Clayton Memorial Medical Fund, another worthy endeavor involving writers as well. It could use some help and, as today we’re in the mood for charitable endeavors here at Whatever, I thought I would run it past […]

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The Counteract a Bigot Fund Drive Final Tally: Get Your Donations Ready!

Hey, folks! It’s time for the counteract a bigot fund drive tally. For those just joining in: Earlier in the year, I noticed that a bigot named Theodore Beale (aka “Vox Day”) regularly used my name, or nicknames representing me (“McRapey” is a favorite), to whip up readers on his Web sites. Well, there’s nothing […]

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