And Now, Just in Time For Your Afternoon Lull, Dogs! In Snow!

Two neighbor dogs wandered over to play with Daisy, and oh! What fun they had in the snow. I thought it might cheer up your afternoon to see them at full frolic.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Dogs in snow! On ice! On steroids! Twerking with Miley Cyrus!

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Nice pictures! That’s one thing I miss living in California–the simple joy of seeing my dogs playing in the snow. My old girl (may she rest in peace) loved it, but her younger successors are all Californians born and bred. I sometimes amuse myself wondering what Wiley (my neurotic little Kelpie) would do if confronted with snow.

Of course, no cats in the snow. Snow is (1) wet, (2) cold. Pragmatic species that they are, cats are not going to intentionally get wet (!) and cold unless there’s a really big payoff involved.

One of our two cats is my rescue adopted before I moved to Texas. He loved playing in the Northern Virginia snow. One of the many reasons I named him after a famous dog. I don’t think his foster brother, the domestic Somali/coon rescue my partner brought to the family, has ever even seen snow.

Dog on patrol! In the snow! Dogs marching off to do serious dog stuff in the snow!

A delightful photo; wish you could’ve gotten some video and posted that.

A few of my cats over the years loved playing in the snow. My current pair sometimes insist on going out when the snow is fresh and new. Then they come back inside with a zillion mini-snowballs clinging to their bellies (they’re both medium-hairs), and complain when the snow melts and their tummies get all cold and wet. (Oscar loves being toweled off; Jeannie, not so much.)

What I wonder, about dogs and cats alike, is how why they don’t notice their feet are freezing. They sure notice when they step in something they don’t like. Those pads must be pretty insulative.

This picture reminds me of my first dog – half German Shepherd and half Labrador Retriever. He was terrified of what we called ‘wild water’ – rain.. puddles.. the swimming pool. But oh boy did he love snow! Especially deep snow. Even when he was old, and a little cranky, if it snowed, he would find his inner puppy again. Thanks John… for this really good memory.

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