And Now Three Things I Wish to Tell You About

Because you need to know! They are:

1. You have two more days to order signed and personalized books from me for the holidays. The last day is December 12. So if you haven’t done it already but want to, now’s the time. Don’t dawdle!

2. I’ve been drawn into Paul & Storm’s Kickstarter for their new album Ball Pit, in two ways: One, I’ll be doing a song with them for an extra CD of cover songs called “extra balls” (other participants include Jonathan Coulton, The Doubleclicks and Mike Phriman); Two, I’ll be contributing a P&S-themed short story to an anthology (other contributors include Pat Rothfuss, Mary Robinette Kowal, Seanan McGuire and Lev Grossman).

The cover song CD is already covered in the stretch goals. However, as of this writing is short story collection is just about $2,300 short of being funded and there are only three days left. So here’s your chance to make me write for your pleasure. But do it soon, because, hey, didn’t I mention there are just three days left?

3. Speaking of Pat Rothfuss, as I did, in passing, a couple of paragraphs ago, he is once again doing his Worldbuilders charity thing, raising money for Heifer International, which is an admirable organization doing admirable things in the developing world. Aside from just donations, he’s also doing auctions of rare and cool books and other goodies, as well as a lottery which you could totally win, which include copies of The Mallet of Loving Correction. Also, I’m thinking of putting something in for the auction which will be totally rare — so rare that it may even be one of a kind. I will let you know more of that once I hash out the details with Pat and his crew. But in the meantime, Worldbuilders is totally worth your time and money. Check it out.

12 Comments on “And Now Three Things I Wish to Tell You About”

  1. I would totally buy lots of chances in a lottery where I might win a genuine Hugo award with a neat, book-shaped antique bronze base.

    I’m just sayin’.

  2. “So here’s your chance to make me write for your pleasure.”

    But…but…Neil Gaiman says you are not our bitch!

  3. [Deleted because you can put your soapbox elsewhere, Thisbe, and then put in a single link to it – JS]

  4. Item #2 goal hit. You’ll be writing for my… Our pleasure… But isn’t that what you always do with your books?

    #3 those auctions always end up too rich for my bank account but fun to watch and promote.

  5. I’d’ve missed this kickstarter without your post, so thanks! It’s all kinds of things I want. ;)

  6. Gosh. I’m sorry it came across soapboxy. That was not my intention at all. You struck me as the kind of guy who would be interested in talking about whether charitable giving is effective at its stated goal or not (and also in other people talking about it), and that was the conversation I was trying to engage in. Nonetheless this is your own website and please absolutely delete this comment as well if you think it is inappropriate. Not that you need my permission.

    Can I try again? This time with no link and I will restrain myself to a single sentence.

    For people who are interested in giving money by donation or charity auction to help people in developing nations, Heifer International is widely considered to be a poor choice.

  7. Thisbe:

    What I was actually suggesting was that you write up what you wanted to say elsewhere and then put a link here to there, so that people who were interested could get your full argument. But the one sentence summation works fine as well. Thanks.

  8. Melvin: Ah! So John Scalzi is our bitch! Okay, John, where’s that next Game of Thrones novel?

  9. The album cover art looks vaguely familiar (I kept mousing over the image looking for a comment)…

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