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Last Thursday I was in scenic Newark, New Jersey to meet with the folks at Audible, who publish a number of my audiobooks, and will publish my next book Lock In as well. As part of my time there, I did a Q&A with Steve Feldberg, Senior Director of Editorial Business Development, in front of the Audible staff. The video boils the hour-long interview down to a tidy 26 minutes and covers a number of topics about me, about the current state of the business of publishing and about the upcoming novel. Enjoy.

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  1. I’ll note that because I am vain, what I notice in this interview is the extra poundage I put on finishing up Lock In. Sigh. Time to get serious about losing weight.

  2. Good interview. You are very good at running on in a very cogent, useful and interesting manner. It’s probably easier to do something about a few extra pounds you don’t want than to teach yourself to speak well extemporaneously. ‘o)

  3. Watched the whole thing. It’s fun to see the level of confidence and/or insufferability you have reached in the transition from starving artist to accomplished master. I was really impressed by how well you speak in this format.

    I always take personal inspiration from you and others who advise aspiring writers to just effing write all the time. Thank you for that.

    But in general, it’s probably not healthy for you to have your ass kissed at this level. CAUTION: Flattery may cause douchieness or meglamaniacal thinking.

    P.S. I can’t stop thinking about my impending doom!!!!
    P.P.S. Was disappointed the werewolves didn’t go on to play a significant role in Last Colony. I figured the would be the Ewoks of Roanoke. Those creatures were very well described, you should bring them back at some point.

  4. Fascinating piece, it was interesting to hear straight from the horse’s mouth (if you will pardon the expression) what makes an author tick, and how their career developed. The section on alternative media, and how the various forms do not cannibalise each other. was particularly interesting. After a lifetime or reading books, I bought a Kindle a year ago, and now rarely buy novels in any other form, which worried me as I thought authors might suffer financially. What I have found though is I am actually reading more, and have been exposed to a wider range of authors than before, yourself included. (Still can’t get on with audio books though!).

  5. Great interview. Could you ask your host for the next one to tone down the energy a little bit, though? I was going for REM sleep, and all I got when he was talking was a fitful doze.

    Back on a serious note: really, very interesting. I didn’t know that about the 2006 hugos. That Gaiman, he’s good people.

  6. Sorry, wanted to drop one more comment about the format thing: Generally in agreement, but I will say I’m far more likely to buy the kindle version if, as it appears Amazon is beginning to do, it is offered at a reduced cost for people who already bought another version. Brilliant idea, too long in coming, but 3.99 or whatever is still too pricey. 1.99 will probably get me most of the time, and .99 is guaranteed.

    How about letting me get them at the same time though? If at the time I choose to click the purchase button I’m offered the mmpb for 7.19 and a combo with the kindle version for .99, I’m doing it every time. No question. Then I can switch between if needed/desired. Offer me the kindle for .99 or 1.99 at a later date though, and I have to go through the mental dance again. Do I really need this? It would be nice, but I’ve already read it. Will my wife find out and divorce me?

    What do you think?

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