William Beckett in the House

So, next weekend musical artist William Beckett is coming to my house to do a concert, which I think is pretty nifty, since we’re all fans here in the Scalzi household. As invites we bought and passed out copies of his latest album Genuine & Counterfeit, which is a fine album that I recommend to all y’all. But as not everything we’ve asked him to play is on that album, I’ve created a Spotify playlist of the songs we’ve requested, so that those coming to the house will have some familiarity with the rest of the tunes. This post is mostly for them, but hey — you can listen along too. Enjoy.

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  1. Dunder:

    The occasion is “whoa, an artist I like does in-house events? I totally have to get on that.” Although it does also coincide nicely with my daughter’s 15th birthday.

  2. That’s pretty sweet! Never heard of the guy until now. His stuff is good!
    Is he doing an acoustic performance or is it going to be the whole sha-bang?

  3. Ah, too bad it’s winter in Ohio (and it was 3! 3 say! in Dayton and just a bit south where I am this morning! I thought my nose was going to fall off)…if it wasn’t, you could invite us all over to your back yard and have “Scalzistock”!

  4. looks like my invitation was lost in the mail. I’m sure it was just due to the snow storm. I’m busy anyway, but thanks, sounds fun.

  5. Never heard of him til now. Saw some vids on YouTube. Not too hot on the music but the band in the Benny and joon video is HOT

  6. I hope you guys have a great time. I’m not familiar with his music at all (except the Christmas carol, I guess) so I’ll have some new tunes to listen to tomorrow.

  7. Awesome that you are supporting artists and getting a twofer by being a cool dad.
    Also, thanks for the link to Spotify. Great service.
    Always strive to be a cool dad, you only get one shot.

  8. I hope we get to hear all about it! I’ve been to 4 house shows with William (one of which I hosted) and I am hosting my second at the end of the month. SO amazing, and much fun (if a bit nerve wracking trying to ensure everything is perfect). Yours is bound to be total geeky goodness.

  9. *sigh* Mr. Scalzi, clearly you are not thinking ahead. You have set the bar very high. I do not think even a car for your daughter’s sixteenth birthday will top this.

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