Daily Archives: December 23, 2013

Midnight Star: Join the Site!

Midnight Star, which is the video game I wrote the story for, is getting closer to final release, and one of the milestones toward that release is a revamped Web site that features new information about the game and the graphic novel prequel (Midnight Rises, which I also wrote), and forums, where you can learn about […]

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The Big Idea: Timothy S. Johnston

Author Timothy S. Johnston has a thing for the “imposter” theme in science fiction, and yes, that pun was most definitely intended. Here he is to tell you why the theme intrigues him so, and how he uses it in his novel The Furnace. TIMOTHY S. JOHNSTON: In 1938 the Imposter theme made its first […]

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A Hallowed Tradition

Back when our daughter was very young we wouldn’t tell her when her birthday was; we’d spring it on her by waking her up with a cake with candles and singing “Happy Birthday” to her. As she got older, she figured out her actual birth date, but we’d still descend into her room in the […]

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