Athena Marie Scalzi, December 23rd. 2013. Fifteen years old today.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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@Adam Lenhardt
Ever see a photographer change position in order to get a good shot? Maybe even crouch down a bit to get an angle in which the subject seems to be looking down at the camera? Really weird of you to assume she is taller than her father…. and/or taller than the photographer. And why do you assume her father was the photographer to begin with? Odd comment.
Beautiful photo BTW.

Happy birthday!! You know, this is the fifteenth year running you have shared a birthday with my sister, which shows great good judgement on your part! May the coming year contain all good things.

Merry Christmas, belated Happy Birthday to Athena. Mine is day after tomorrow, the 27th. My folks always made the effort to make my birthday stand out in the Christmas rush, which can’t be easy for folks with other things to worry about.

And a happy solstice, which is what we tell ourselves we’re celebrating! We’ll be doing Tequila on New Year’s Eve, a tradicion of neighbors up Sand LIck.

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