Whatever Best of 2013

Christmas Eve is the time I take a look at my writing on Whatever to see what pieces I wrote that I liked, that others liked, and that had the most impact out there on the Intarweebs. For this year, this is the list, arranged chronologically.

I also raised some money this year, which was nice.

In all, an interesting year for Whatever. Let’s see what 2014 brings.

10 Comments on “Whatever Best of 2013”

  1. I blatantly stole the “10 SF/F works” idea for my own blog, and it’s easily become my highest-traffic post of the year, so it’s neat to see that it was one of your favorites too. Glad to see the Fatberg post too. :-)

  2. timeliebe – Central NY – Dreaded Spouse-Creature to bestselling fantasy author Tamora Pierce (SONG OF THE LIONESS, THE CIRCLE OPENS, BEKA COOPER: A TORTALL LEGEND series), a co-author of TORTALL: A SPY'S GUIDE, Co-author with Tamora Pierce of Marvel's WHITE TIGER: A HERO'S OBSESSION for Marvel Comics. Contributing Editor for VIDEO Magazine during the 1990s, Columnist for C/Net 1999 - 2002.

    Scalzi – you do know that that dress does not go with your coloring at all? You should absolutely be wearing warmer colors, so your skin tone doesn’t wash out – especially if you refuse to dye your hair and beard!

    There is a discussion going on The ONION’s AV Club blog regarding “The Demise of the Public Intellectual” that I think you should read, as I strongly believe that you fall into the category he’s claiming no longer exists. No, I don’t think you’re Norman Mailer – I should hope you’d aspire higher than that!:


  3. Happy holiday to everyone celebrating Christmas, as well as checking in at Whatever, and to you, John, and your family. Thank you for another year of thoughtful dialogue. Peace.

  4. Totally speechless at the fashionable do. I’m also envious of the head ornament. So I’ll just wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

  5. Was the dress for a trip to Austenland, and if so, should I warn Shannon Hale that you’re headed in her direction?

    Seriously though, the recap is much appreciated. You’re post on “The 10 SF/F Works That Mean the Most to Me” added a few titles to my reading pile and that’s always a good thing for me.

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