The Sunsets of 2013

In chronological order.

And as is tradition, one sunrise:

Great job, sun! Let’s do it again next year.

19 Comments on “The Sunsets of 2013”

  1. You know, John, now that I see these all in a row (actually a column, but hey), I have to say they’re damn pretty. Thanks. I may use one of those as a wallpaper on my galaxy.

  2. Good afternoon, I think I’ve used all but one of those pix as wallpaper on my main computer over the course of the year (cropped to fit my screen), the exception being one I don’t remember seeing at all (which will be wallpaper as soon as I finish posting this). Beautiful, Thanks for posting them!

  3. Right, Manny – the photographer plays no significant role in capturing sunsets and landscapes – all the credit goes to Mother Nature. Well, the camera too. John’s camera takes really nice photos. ;-)

  4. da beans, The only problem with that, is you have to get up before sunrise to take them
    {shivers in horror}.
    Why would you wish that on anyone?

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