The Sunsets of 2013

In chronological order.

And as is tradition, one sunrise:

Great job, sun! Let’s do it again next year.

19 Comments on “The Sunsets of 2013”

  1. You know, John, now that I see these all in a row (actually a column, but hey), I have to say they’re damn pretty. Thanks. I may use one of those as a wallpaper on my galaxy.

  2. You sir have some very fine sunsets. Here out east it is hard to get the long clean sight lines necessary. Beautiful shots…

  3. Good afternoon, I think I’ve used all but one of those pix as wallpaper on my main computer over the course of the year (cropped to fit my screen), the exception being one I don’t remember seeing at all (which will be wallpaper as soon as I finish posting this). Beautiful, Thanks for posting them!

  4. suemohn – From set & lighting design to project management, I've been making spaces work for people for decades. This blog will review design shows and discuss how small changes in decisions (more often about communication than actual design) could make big differences in results.

    I’d LOVE to buy a paper calendar of those sunsets – it makes for great hallway art!

  5. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing your sunsets with us – and your experience, too. :-)

  6. Right, Manny – the photographer plays no significant role in capturing sunsets and landscapes – all the credit goes to Mother Nature. Well, the camera too. John’s camera takes really nice photos. ;-)

  7. That second-to-last shot with the column of light is simply astounding.

  8. annarosemeeds – I am a writer and speaker who wants to spread hope, truth, and awareness. After struggling through many years of depression, eating disorders, anxiety, aspergers, and numerous other illnesses, I have finally begun to see a light at the end of the tunnel which I want to share with all those who need encouragement and support. Creativity and imagination play an important role in my life and recovery.

    Wow, those are all so very beautiful! I love watching the sunrise through my windows over the St. Croix River.

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