Athena & Kristine, 2013

My two favorite people in the world. 

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  1. Your daughter must really like you– most of the teen girls I know would take my spine out for taking a picture of them sleeping, much less putting it on the internet.

    Then again for most of the teen girls I know I am their math teacher and not their dad. Ups the creepy factor a touch, I imagine. :-)

  2. infinitefreetime:

    As I’ve noted before, any picture of my daughter I put up is with her permission — I think it’s important for her to feel she has the right to say “no” if she doesn’t like the picture (and she has said “no” at least a few times).

  3. Lots of love in this post, although I was expecting one of the cats to sneak into the line up. May you and yours have many churro waffles in the coming year.

  4. Awesome. Becoming a parent turned me into a big marshmallow, and 9 years later that still hasn’t faded and appears to be more or less a permanent condition. When I see a post like this my affection for my two favorite people in the world, and I end up having to fight off a curious stinging in my eyes.

    Love is a wondrous thing.

  5. Just lovely, lovely pictures of two lovely women. Hey, is Krissy still rocking the blonde hair she acquired earlier this year, or has she gone back to brown? (Asking as an admirer who is wondering if she, too, could maintain a big colour change. I’ve managed only temporary rinses before because ROOTS, right?)