What’s On Tap for 2014

You ask: So, John, what’s the plan for 2014? Well, since you’ve asked (“you” in this case being “the stand-in for actual people who lives inside my head”):


Lock In, my eleventh novel, will be out on August 26 in US/Canada and 28 August in the UK/Commonwealth.

* Midnight Star, the video game I helped create, is currently in beta-testing and on schedule to be released in 2014, probably in the first half of the year.

* Just before Midnight Star is released, its accompanying graphic novel Midnight Rises, which I wrote (and which is illustrated by Mike Choi), will also be out.

So: A novel, a graphic novel and a video game, all out in 2014. Not a bad schedule of releases.


* I will be writing the follow up to The Human Division, very likely in the same episodic format as that novel. THD2 (which will not be the title, obviously) will be released in 2015; no specific dates yet.

* I’ll be recording a song with Paul & Storm for their album of cover songs called Extra Balls, as part of their Kickstarter commitment. We haven’t decided on the song, nor do we have a specific recording date set yet. I don’t know their release schedule, but I assume it will be in 2014.

* Also, as another part of the P&S Kickstarter thing, I’ll be writing a short story based on one of their songs. This will likely be a short-short. It will also likely be a funny piece. Also probably 2014.


* Appearances that I have definitely committed to are covered in my Scheduled Appearances page and include Detroit (twice), Seattle and San Francisco.

* Appearances that are sort of penciled in but not entirely confirmed yet include Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and London. There are a few others that are possibles but still tenuous enough I won’t mention them by name. If/when these get confirmed I’ll note them here and put them on the Scheduled Appearances page.

* I’m talking to Tor about a tour for Lock In. At this point it’s just talk. If we do it, I’ll note it here and let you know what the itinerary is (please note that we’re not taking requests at this time).


* I have at least one. Obviously, I can’t tell you about it/them. That’s why they’re called “seekrit projects.” I will announce them when they are announceable, promise.


* A science fiction-oriented novella.

* A dark fantasy novella.

(Don’t rush to the e-mail, editors: If I do these, they already have homes.)

* A non-sf/f YA novel I’ve been thinking about for a while.

(This one you can rush to the e-mail for, editors.)

* A graphic novel adaptation of one of my existing works (“The God Engines” is what I’m leaning toward).

* A new book on writing.

Everything in this list is theoretical, and contingent on a number of factors. I will note that there are things not on this list I can see myself doing in 2014, but I don’t note them here in no small part because they would be contingent on other people, and I have no control over any of that. This is the stuff I do have control over, i.e., all it takes for most of these is me deciding to write.


* Do a better job organizing my time, with particular emphasis on Internet management, because, damn, the Internet, you know?

* Maybe exercise a little more because I’m a middle-aged dude, which means entropy is having its way with me more than I would like.

* Learn to play my guitar better.

* See friends more and do a little more family stuff.

* Take more and better naps.

So that’s 2014, in theory. Let’s see how it works in practice.

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  1. “A dark fantasy novella”. So, we _are_ getting “Shadow War of the Night Dragons II”?

  2. Woooh Detroit! (sorry, I can’t pass up a chance to fist-pump for for ConFusion. It is awesome and everyone should go. I’m also pretty confident DetCon1/NASFiC is going to rock too).

    Lock In sounds pretty scary and I have a low tolerance for scary stuff, but between brand loyalty and the pretty cover, I am likely to give it a try anyway.

    Also Jon Meltzer‘s prediction reminds me– when is Shadow War of the Night Dragons getting optioned for TV? Because kids these days do not have Pirates of Dark Water to look forward to on Saturday mornings, and Shadow War is the perfect property to plug that bleeding wound in the fantasy cartoon lineup.

  3. God Engines is probably your work best suited to a graphic novel. The only real loss is the sexual ambiguity of one of the characters, but in terms of length and visuals it should look pretty good.

    The real question for 2014, though, is which of the seekrit project or THD2 involves things to do with goats?

  4. Of course you should come to London! London loves you! and we need our books signed over here toooooooo…

  5. While I am excited for Locked In, I have to admit to being very intrigued by the thought of your non-SF YA novel.

    Also, seconding the advice to take napping lessons from your pets.

  6. Looks like you will be plenty busy in 2014, I guess that is a good thing for you and for all your readers ;). Would definitely love to see a God Engines graphic novel adaptation.

  7. For those of us who will most definitely be buying Locked In, probably a couple of times, is there a secret handshake or something (bribes, even) that could get us an early peek?

    Because August is far away!

  8. I’m happy to see the possible graphic novel adaptation of God Engine. I think it would do great in that format; in fact I often imagined it that way as I read the story.

  9. While I’m looking forward to Lock In, I most looking forward to THD2. Great story, loved the serial format.

  10. Whatever happened to High Castle? I know you have mentioned it before, but all I can find right now is the 2008 list which says you will be writing it now that Zoe’s Tale is finished.

  11. @Jerome. What I do do get an early-for-Ohio,-USA look at a Pratchett book is buy it through amazon.co.uk. So what you’ll need to do is live in, like, New Zealand and buy the book from some USA bookseller. Hope that helps. ;p
    Unneeded for most explain: Pratchett is in England or Britain or The UK or whatever is PC this month and his books are available months earlier there than here.

  12. John, I remember reading a couple chapters of a sci-fi YA novel with bright kids of a female ambassador in your archives; think you’ll ever return to that? I was reminded of it when starting THD, though of course that didn’t last long.

  13. @Shawn T: While I understand the reasons that English-language books are released at different times in the various English-speaking countries, it seems kind of silly in the “digital age”. Large industries are slow to change, alas.

    Scalzi, I am saddened to not see a “Shadow War of the Night Dragons” youtube puppet show on your agenda. I can only assume this was a grievous oversight.

  14. I think the idea of graphic novels of several of your books would sell like hotcakes (or churros, if you prefer.) These include Old Man’s War (at least the first one), Agent to the Stars, and of course, The Android’s Dream. AD would be especially wonderful.

  15. Hey John, if you are serious about wanting to work out a little more let me know. I run my own gym called Geek and Gamer Fitness and have several online training programs. Otherwise good luck on all your 2014 goals!

  16. “Appearances that are sort of penciled in but not entirely confirmed yet include Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and London.”

    No Melbourne? :(

  17. On the topic of learning how to play your guitar better:

    I attended my first Delfest Academy here in Cumberland, MD a few years back. I was very much a novice, and I got a lot of time in playing with some great musicians and learning from some excellent bluegrass players, including the Del McCoury band. I’ve never seen you mention bluegrass, so I know this is probably off the beaten path for you. I’ve gone every year since, and have gotten much, much better at playing guitar.

    Just a thought.

  18. Reblogged this on Girl4God and commented:
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  19. ….So, Is that trolling , or a bot, or someone having a legit religious freakout in the comments section? ^ Cause man, I CANNOT figure out what might have triggered a sermon in a “Things I’m doing” post.

  20. I’ll double up on the Bluegrass recommendations for getting better at guitar. I’m working on a full decade of Wintergrass this year, and it has been nothing except pure, unadulterated fun, along with a great excuse to play music with people light years beyond my capability.

    So go!

  21. Side note in regards to Pratchett. Until the most recent book, the US release was within a month of the UK release. The reason Steam has been out in the UK for a couple of months but won’t be out in the US until March is that Pratchett has a new publisher in the US.

    Trying to understand publisher release schedules is not an easy task.

  22. “Take more and better naps.” Good one to add to my list of new year’s resolutions. I’ve got three cats whom I can go to for pointers.

  23. Lumi? Lee?
    Yeah, and fuck’em.
    They are using the business model that worked fine when it took the pony express months to swim a book from Ohio USA to the UK’s London, or the other direction.

    Brendan vis shelleyhemphill2013: I’m so glad that I don’t have a website for which I need to mallet things.
    It’s still showing up here and is from a very new site that has one post, so I’m very glad that the decision is not mine.
    BTW, computerwise, Shelley’s site is safe in my really locked down FF.

  24. Oh, Lee? vis the side note in regards to Pratchett. I won’t remember things that I’ve just done once. I’ve been buying TP books from his country from before “Nation” for the half year earlier.

  25. Possibly the delay in the Pratchett release is trying to get a decent US cover this time around… ;)

    Oh and John, if you did by some miracle manage to trek out to Melbourne I would happily fly all the way down from Sydney to buy you a Coke Zero. Melbourne’s coffee is generally said to be quite remarkable, not sure if there’s anything special about their Coke. (Please note also that I am managing to refrain from making the derogatory remarks about Melbourne traditionally required given my place of residence. It is not without effort!)

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