Daily Archives: January 2, 2014

My Totally 22% – 50% Gay Adventure On Twitter Today

It went a little something like this. First I discovered this site, which said the Internet thought I was 70% gay (albeit from only one vote). I said: I would have placed it at more like 25 – 30 pecent, but, okay: http://t.co/F44ZZvrVXy — John Scalzi (@scalzi) January 2, 2014 But then more people started […]

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The 2014 Award Consideration Post

The beginning of the year is the start of the Hugo Award nomination window (and the Nebulas have been nominating for a while) so it is once again time to list out the works I have eligible for consideration this year, for Hugos, Nebulas and other awards. I am going to note up top that […]

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I Was Going to Write a Post Here in the Doctor’s Waiting Room

But they have the Kelly and Micha show on the TV in the waiting room and it is sucking my will to live. How people watch this show on a regular basis is beyond me. Anyway, I’ll update when I am back home. Pray my brain survives until then.

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