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Me (and Others) on Teenage Writers, in the Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune has done a story on teenagers getting their work published (either self-pubbed or be imprints specifically looking for teen writers), and asked my thoughts on the phenomenon. My quotes are down near the bottom of the piece. Spoilers: I think most teens aren’t ready to be published, but I also don’t think […]

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A Portrait of the Artist as an Asshole

As a bit of tangential discussion to this entry, I’d like to address the topic of creative people being assholes. 1. Some creative people are assholes. This is for whatever value of “asshole” you use, because what makes someone an asshole is a somewhat subjective thing — like pornography, we tend to know it when […]

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SF/F Authors/Editors/Artists/Fans 2014 Award Awareness Post

For the last few of years, after noting my own award-eligible works, I’ve posted another thread for other folks in the science fiction and fantasy field to make potential award nominators aware of their works and/or personal award eligibility. It turned out to be pretty useful, so I’m doing it again this year. Right now! In this […]

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