Whatever’s First Sunset of 2014

It’s a pretty good one, I’d say.

19 Comments on “Whatever’s First Sunset of 2014”

  1. You certainly have a lot of sky there in Ohio. I don’t get that so much here in California’s Sierra foothills.

  2. I will remember this picture in a couple of days, when I go outside and my eyes freeze and I can’t ever look at anything ever again.

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  4. rfs. – I'm 19 and from Pakistan. I write whenever I want, about whatever I want just to get rid of my thoughts. My posts are basically about hopelessness so if you're someone optimistic, then don't come here. I'm a patriot also, and love Pakistan to my heart and soul. I'm not a professional or better writer so sometimes my posts make no sense. I like helping and discussing life topics with anyone and would love to help someone if they want. In the end, I'm trash. That's all about me.

    That’s full gorgeousness <3 Wow.

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