On Letting People Know About Your Award-Eligible Work

Originally posted on Twitter, where I saw people fretting about it, and compiled here for posterity.

What -8 Temperatures and -35 Wind Chill Look Like

Surprisingly not horrible! But then you go out into it and you’re all like, oh Jesus my very life is ebbing from me. Which, incidentally, it kind of is when it’s this cold. Seriously, don’t go out in this.

What makes me happy is even though we’re in the middle of life-threatening cold right now, we managed to avoid the large amount of snow that was predicted yesterday — up to about 14 inches of the stuff — because it was just warm enough around here yesterday for it to rain, not snow, which means the pile of white we were supposed to have gotten (and which would have meant huge drifts in my lawn, locking us away from civilization until such time as a snow plow could get up my driveway) just drained away instead. I gotta tell you, I have no problems with the way things turned out.

It does mean the roads are probably covered with a sheet of ice at the moment, but I don’t have to drive on them, thank God, Athena’s school is cancelled and Krissy is working from home today. So it’s all good. The pets are fine; when the sun came up they all decided to go outside and see what it was like and then less than a minute later came back in with an aw, hell no expression on their faces. They all now doing a very convincing imitation of hibernation. I cannot blame them.

And you? How is the weather where you are today?