What -8 Temperatures and -35 Wind Chill Look Like

Surprisingly not horrible! But then you go out into it and you’re all like, oh Jesus my very life is ebbing from me. Which, incidentally, it kind of is when it’s this cold. Seriously, don’t go out in this.

What makes me happy is even though we’re in the middle of life-threatening cold right now, we managed to avoid the large amount of snow that was predicted yesterday — up to about 14 inches of the stuff — because it was just warm enough around here yesterday for it to rain, not snow, which means the pile of white we were supposed to have gotten (and which would have meant huge drifts in my lawn, locking us away from civilization until such time as a snow plow could get up my driveway) just drained away instead. I gotta tell you, I have no problems with the way things turned out.

It does mean the roads are probably covered with a sheet of ice at the moment, but I don’t have to drive on them, thank God, Athena’s school is cancelled and Krissy is working from home today. So it’s all good. The pets are fine; when the sun came up they all decided to go outside and see what it was like and then less than a minute later came back in with an aw, hell no expression on their faces. They all now doing a very convincing imitation of hibernation. I cannot blame them.

And you? How is the weather where you are today?


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  1. We got pretty much the same “rain with a little bit of snow” over here in southeastern Missouri. To tell the truth, it was a little disappointing after the Fimbulwinter they were warning us about. We’re having a heat wave compared to you. The temp here was a balmy 1.9 degrees this morning!

  2. -11 and a -44 wind chill at the moment here in downtown Chicago. Most public things are closed but my office is open (the CTA is moving, if slower than usual). Dear god, it’s a case of “why the hell am I outside?” during that commute.

  3. I hope you are feeling better, and glad you have a chance to stay inside.

    It’s getting colder by the minute here, with temperatures expected to be in your current range by tomorrow morning.

  4. It’s barely above freezing down here by the Gulf of Mexico. Colder than we’re used to, but not cold enough for anything to close. I dug out my old duck-down winter coat for the occasion.

  5. -13 when I got up this morning, but I think it’s probably up to -11 or so by now. And about 10 inches of snow on the ground on the average. This is in Naperville, about 30 miles west of downtown Chicago.

  6. In the 70’s (Phoenix, AZ). I sort of feel guilty about that right now, but I’ll be just as miserable when summer comes and temps are in the triple digits. ;)

  7. It’s very much a schadenfreude kind of thing, but I find it hilarious when my pets are DETERMINED to go out, then go out and discover just WHY the humans are all hiding indoors (I have cats, so as you can imagine, having the humans know something they don’t is mortally embarrassing for them).

  8. -13 at the moment but climbing and with about two feet of accumulated snow on the ground. Typical U.P. January weather; nothing to get excited about.

  9. Actually balmy right now in the DC area (40’s) but scheduled to drop dramatically into the single digits tonight. I’m just hoping that things dry out before that cold blast arrives and we aren’t covered with an ice sheet.

  10. Right now it’s 0° with a -26° wind chill resulting from the gusty 20 to 30 mph winds that are blowing around the 12″ or more of snow we got last night. It might have been 3′ – it’s really hard to tell with all the drifting. One lousy state north of you and this is what we get, while you’re down there in the tropics getting rain.

  11. Currently about -17 (without the wind chill, which is considerable). School and garbage pickup was cancelled, and my husband’s boss told everyone that if they didn’t have to be in the office, to work from home. The pup is no more interested in being outside than your furry crew. And I just want it to be Tuesday, so I can have some peace and quiet.

  12. You probably don’t even want to know. It is 62° with a high that is supposed to be in the high 70’s.

  13. It’s far, far too temperate where I am, in the San Francisco Bay Area. We need torrents of rain and are not getting any. My friends keep commenting about how nice the weather is, and I can’t help but disagree. The weather is temperate, and would be nice in the early summer. However, fearing impending water rationing is not nice. Come soon, rain.

  14. Couple hours north of you in southeast Michigan and we got, I believe the technical term is “a metric crap-ton” of snow. My guess is somewhere in the range of 15 to 18 inches and the drifts are several feet tall. Also, it’s very cold and very windy.

  15. It only went up to 76 F (24 and a half C) yesterday in Pasadena, 5 miles down hill from me. Falls to a chilly high 40s or low 50s at night, so I wear extra layers.
    I miss our 80 F Christmas. But what fun watching football teams battle on frozen fields, with absurd sleeveless shirts to show off their muscles, tattoos, and swaggering macho lunacy.

  16. It’s only 55º here in Santa Monica! People are wearing long-sleeve shirts!! Oh, the humanity…

  17. Its wet and windy over here, so wet that I keep getting voicemail telling me to gather two of every animal…

  18. In the Chicago burbs near Joliet, I watched the dogs go out, then in, then out, then in. I think they’ve given up for now.

    I suspect that they have wind shelter on the patio, but as soon as the venture into the yard, they get exposed to the wind and then think better of it. They were wrestling in the snow yesterday when it was +17 before the wind started.

  19. It’s just below freezing and dry in Seattle, with high, thin clouds. It’s a little on the cold side for us, but nothing to complain about, especially by comparison.

  20. Sunny and warm here in So Cal- it was about 80 on Christmas Day. The downside of course, being that we’ve set a record for this year’s lack of rainfall- I think we got something like 3.5 inches for 2013.

  21. Here in the Tennessee Valley it is 14F with a wind chill of -3F! That might not be much to you Yankees, but it is pretty dang cold for the South!

    There is the saddest little bit of snow trying to fall, but the sun keeps popping out to ruin its fun.

  22. Currently in Northeast Georgia, sunny and 32 degrees F (wind chill 24 F). Tonight’s predicted low: 7. Tomorrow’s predicted high: 26. Dogs and cats have curled up very small even though it’s fairly warm in the house. If we don’t lose power, we should be fine. Gotta leave the faucets dripping tonight, though.

  23. When reading the press, one feels the urge to send care packets. When ones sees the photo, the urge is reduced to sending some spice for hot wine ;-).

  24. I’m stuck in Toronto until tomorrow. My flight back to Dayton yesterday was postponed for two days, so here I sit at the lovely Alt Hotel watching a marathon session of Trailer Park Boys. Meh, not a too awfully bad way to waste time. The room is really nice.

    I also brought a Jack Chalker book with me to enjoy. The only thing that sucks is that my cell phone doesn’t work in Canada.

  25. I’m in St. Paul MN, but can’t tell the temperature outside – our wireless digital thermometer stopped working when it went below -21.8F. Hopefully the outside sensor will reset when the temps rise, and isn’t permanently toasted (frostbitten?). According to the local airport’s weather station, we’re at -18F with a windchill in the -50s. It usually runs three or four degrees warmer than our outside sensor does (did).

  26. -3 here in Mainville, Ohio (about 50 miles from you), which is bad, but absolutely nothing compared to the wind, which is picked up considerably since I went to work this morning – that’s freaking *brutal*. Roads weren’t near as bad as I expected – at this temp, it seems that the little bit of snow isn’t slick, it’s like more sandy than icy and the DOT has done a surprisingly good job of keeping the ice off the bridges, hills, and other places where it can be really dangerous.

    On the whole though, I’d rather be in San Diego (sunny and predicted high of 74 today).

  27. Like Dave further up the thread, I’m in Seattle. It was briskly chilly today with a bit of frost and ice on the roads where I live, but by comparison to what the eastern states and provinces are getting, a _cakewalk_.

    Part of me is kind of envying the weather shenanigans y’all are getting. But the rest of me is quite rationally pointing out that JESUS NO THAT’S REALLY REALLY COLD ARE YOU NUTS?

    Hope things will warm up back to saner winter levels for everyone soon!

  28. When it was 4am and I couldn’t sleep, it was 56 and pouring down rain. The temps have continued to drop since then and it’s now 37. When I leave for my trip into NYC tomorrow, I think they are telling me it will be around 6F. Cold way to start the morning commute.

  29. 37 degrees in NW DC, but the wind chill supposedly makes it feel like 27 degrees. Mostly I think the wind chill factor just makes it feel really windy.

  30. Believe it or not: here in the Netherlands weer had the warmest 6th of January on record today. 13C which is basically spring

  31. Looks like a heat wave to me out here on the frozen tundra! Its -16 at the moment and I don’t want to know the wind chill.

    As for those bragging about the warmth of their location: Having lived in Florida for a few years and having relatives living in Phoenix for more than 30 years all I have to say is that your punishment is having to live in those places, warm winters is not nearly enough compensation for that ugly fact.

  32. Howling winds and driving rain this morning. I haven’t been stupid enough to head out yet, but the wind and rain have been gone for a couple hours, taking the snowdrifts with them.

  33. Columbus is now -1 and falling. The roads were good on my drive in, but I actually had to lean into the wind this morning while walking to the office. I am not looking forward to walking to my car this evening. Unfortunately, I have a job where I can’t work from home and will have to do this again tomorrow.

    Luckily, I have a vacation to Mexico to look forward in 4 weeks.

  34. Another Californian here. Up here in the Sierra Foothills we just had the driest calendar year since they started keeping track of such things about a hundred years ago. Even drier than the legendary drought of 1976/77. Everything is dry and brown when it should be moist and green (and snowy further up the hill). It’s not good. I don’t want to be wearing short sleeve shirts this time of year. I want to be bundling up against the rain. I’m just hoping my well doesn’t go dry.

  35. Weather looks beautiful here, sunny and clear, which is just further proof that mother nature is a cruel and deceitful bitch, or that Minnesotans are crazy. Temperature is currently -15F and windchill is only -38F which marks this as a fairly normal winter day and a really good reason to stay indoors.

  36. You don’t want to know, especially since I am in a place on the comfortable + side of freezing. I used to live in Flint, MI, and i imagine that between the temperatures, snowfall, and economic issues, it looks pretty apocalyptic there right now.

  37. Being in about the one part of England that isn’t a disaster zone, it’s quite windy and a bit wet, but temp is around 50 degrees F so it could be a lot worse. (And no doubt will be at some point, but we simply do not get the extremes of weather experienced in the American mid-West. Or, at present, other parts too.)

  38. We got the predicted 12-14″ of snow yesterday. The entirety of southern Michigan is shut down because no one can get out of their driveways. Reports are the freeways have been plowed, but that helps no one because the roads to the freeways haven’t been plowed. We’ve shoveled our driveway but are waiting on a plow to deal with the roads in the subdivision. Outside temperature is approx. 1F with a windchill of around -15F. Shoveling was *fun*, let me tell you.

  39. Minus eight-freaking-F and you’re like “we’re all gonna die!!!”

    We had -30C weather back in Russia when I lived there as a kid. During these days schools were canceled (too cold for kids, you see) so you could see children everywhere outdoors playing during the scarce daylight hours.

    Oh, and we had outdoor sport lessons (skiing!) at school up to -18C.

    Kids these days… …grumble….grumble…

  40. It was -25F with a -50F windchill when I walked out my front door this morning, which freeze-dried my wet hair in about five seconds. Much hilarity ensued.

  41. Here in Kansas City, it was -10 F this morning, with wind chill down to about -24. I think the world of our Canadian cousins, but – couldn’t they keep this to themselves?

  42. Currently -17 here, with a wind chill of -43.

    And OF COURSE, today some cretin in our office building put a bag of popcorn in the microwave oven and left it running on High while they went back to their desk. And moments later, about 1,000 extremely grumpy employees evacuated the building to the WHOOP-WHOOP-WHOOP of the fire alarm. Well, to be precise, we started out just grumpy, and then we were grumpy and really, really, really cold.

  43. Expecting 26C (79F) and humid in Auckland, NZ today. Importantly it will rain for a bit this evening, and we expect showers for the rest of the week. I care about the wet stuff more than usual as we are painting the fence, so need to finish by lunchtime. Damn summers in a maritime temperate climate. Should have a couple of good weeks after this one, thank goodness!

  44. -11decC here in London, Ontario. (quick & dirty conversion, about 10degF) but very high winds and blowing snow. Very, very Canadian. (Tonight’s low looks to set a record for here; -25C (-12F) with wind chills taking it down to -35. Time to bring the sled dogs in…)

    — Steve

  45. 15 F this morning and about 24 F now. No precipitations at all. Just wind which is abating now to a calm. So school is in session and life goes on here in West Texas. We had our artic cold and ice in late November and early December and missed two days of school. Bye, bye Good Friday and Memorial Day as holidays.

  46. Jan. 6th and it’s 32 above. Hey! Lower 48! We want our Winter back, can’t do anything fun outside when it’s this warm.

  47. 39F in Baltimore. The deep freeze is supposed to start around 9 pm tonight, so I’m about to get all necessary shopping done so we can hibernate tomorrow.

  48. Colonel Snuggledorf, and then you went back inside, at which point a posse of you found the errant coworker, stuck his or her head in the toilet, shoved him or her back outside, and locked the door? Please say you did, even if it isn’t true.

  49. Most importantly, you (apparently) have Internet. So everything is just fine.

    Here in Sacramento CA we have record highs and are in a drought.

    it’s Crazy Weather indeed!

    – yeff

  50. Currently -8 in Toronto (before the wind chill), but Environment Canada is projecting a high of -17 tomorrow (which will feel like -41 with the wind). I’m grateful to have moved to a new home so that I no longer have to rely on electric baseboard heaters, but damn I hope the furnace holds up.

  51. It was +5C this morning in Ottawa (about) 41F. By early morning it will be -27C (-16F). Not surprisingly we have a flash freeze warning. The streets are bad today — will be hell tomorrow.

  52. It’s 7F outside here, 90 mi. due south of you on the other side of the Ohio River. It’s supposed to be back to 40F by the end of the week, so we’ll get over it.

    The key to living with cold weather is dressing appropriately. When I lived in Milwaukee, I had no problem walking a mile in -20F weather. Here in Kentucky, most people don’t wear gloves or hats, which makes +20F unbearable.

  53. It was minus 10 in Boulder CO this AM and the dog made a token attempt at taking his forced march, told me he wasn’t serious and headed back home.

    So now at noon it is +25. Tropical!

  54. Much better this year than last, which was in Moscow. And Moscow, though it’s no Ulaan Baatar, is every bit as cold as you would think.

    Being a native of subtropical climes, I figured that at some point cold is just cold and you bundle up and you’re done. But no. Every drop of another 5° C is something that you really feel, *and it doesn’t ever stop.*

  55. 21 below and wind chill of -39 this morning when I went for a stroll around the park behind my condo. Not that bad! My forehead got the coldest so next time I will put on a ear-warmer that wraps around the forehead. I did have a ski mask and a hoodie on but it was not enough.

  56. BW, we haven’t identified the culprit yet (the popcorn was in no condition to be dusted for fingerprints), but I like the way you think.

  57. Yeah, all that snow came this way instead >.> <.< I'm in central MI and we apparently got 18 inches over 24 hours? I wouldn't know since I'm not going outside today! The plow came through already but that probably means that I'll need to shovel out my car now, and it's 1 degree Fahrenheit, so definitely not happening today ;-)

  58. In Boston, it’s rainy and in the low fifties. Tonight, the expected low is around 15, with tomorrow’s weather ranging from 27 to 9. Don’t like the weather here? Wait an hour!

  59. Comparitively tropical here in the frog pond of NW Oregon @ 38F after a morning low of 28F; cloudy (surprise!), rain predicted by nightfall. Too dry here all winter though – do not envy Scalzi and Co. In the freezer.

  60. Should be about 80F and sunny down here in the Orange County, CA coast. Unfortunately, the bit of rain that was predicted for later in the week appears to be vanishing. I have a sinking feeling we’re in for a bad fire season in 2014.

  61. Cyberax – I don’t know if you’ve done the math, but the temperatures people are complaining about in Fahrenheit are in the same ballpark as the Celsius ones you remember in Russia…
    Other people have accurately described the temperature in Chicago (I wore about 2 of everything to walk to the subway: it wasn’t that bad (until I had to walk into the wind), but i’m glad it’s not getting any worse. Also it takes a seriously lot of time to put on and take off that much clothing) but it looks lovely. The sky is blue and faintly hazy, the HVAC systems on the top of all the buildings are letting out fluffy clouds that catch the sunlight, there’s snow everywhere, and the lake is lost in mist, with swirls of steam coming up, blowing around, and hiding the horizon.

  62. The SF Bay Area has suckered me with its bipolar weather the last few days. Daytime has been hot enough to make going out in just shirtsleeves seem almost natural. Nights require the turning on of a radiator to avoid freezing. Unfortunately, my slowness in adapting to these divergent weather conditions means I’m coming down with yet another cold.

  63. -9 in Milwaukee, with an evil biting wind. I went out birdwatching as there is supposed to be a snowy owl in the park across the street, but he had more sense than I did and remained in hiding. I did see a swan, many varied ducks, and a large hawk eating one of the aforementioned ducks in the middle of a frozen lagoon. Life (and death) go on, no matter how cold!

  64. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area so any complaint on my part should be met with the rolled-up smack of an ice encrusted newspaper on my nose.

    We get droughts here, and that’s what scares me. We’ve had 1/5 of our normal rainfall this year, and I’m sure water rationing is just around the corner. I just hope it teaches more people to tear up their lawns and install water-conservation plantings.

    Stay cozy!

  65. My weather app is telling me that it’s -12 degrees at home in the Chicago suburbs with wind chills around -35 degrees. It’s a beautiful day to be stranded in Florida, where it’s a very pleasant 81 degrees with a nice breeze.

  66. This is a good day to make an on-line donation to your local homeless shelter – because they’re going to be doing the Lord’s own work tonight.

  67. Hmmm, we just had a summer morning thunderstorm here in outer Sydney but it should get up to around 26/27C (78/80F) later in the day. Which is such a nice change from last week when we were averaging 38C (100F).

    What’s that? Why yes of course you’re welcome to visit, we have one or two nice beaches here as you may have heard… :)

  68. (BTW, totally OT, but I found the comparison of “Redshirts” to “Northanger Abbey” in the review you Tweeted about apt and intriguing.)

    Back on topic: BRRRRRRRRRR. Heading outside to start the outdoor faucets dripping.

  69. Supposed to 60F today with a low of 37 this morning. We will be a balmy 62 by Sunday with mid-30’s as our lows. It’s sunny and clear in the Las Vegas Valley. I never did cold well, so this is the perfect climate. Even better than California where I spent most of my life. I truly am sorry for the awful freeze and snow east of us. God bless you all.

  70. 41F with a wind chill of 35F. Which equates to 5C and 2C, respectively (and roughly). Sorry, just been training myself to use celsius, just cuz. Glad to see you’ve recovered enough to post extensively today. Coldest I’ve been is western Montana when it was around -10C. What you guys are going through is brutal.

  71. I’m in Chicago where currently everybody is tossing boiling water out their back door to watch it instantly freeze. Who says we aren’t a world class city

  72. It’s pretty horrible where I live – about 55F with a slight wind. I had to put on a jacket this morning.

    I tell you, California weather is not as awesome as it is cracked up to be. It might get below 40F tonight. It’s hell.

  73. 30C Here in Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia. That would be (tabs away to check Google) 86F. Spent our days lying by the pool, with occasional episodes of air-con use. I’ve never seen snow, so that’s on the bucket list one of these days. It certainly looks beautiful.

  74. Another S.F.Bay Arean here — too warm, WAY too dry. At this rate fire season may start in April, f’r gods’ sake.

  75. Enjoying a balmy 32 F (0 C for modern peoples :-) day today here in Calgary, Alberta. Remember cold weather like that builds tolerance or so my sergeant used to say. ;-)

  76. Currently in Toronto, we’re at -12C with a -25C windchill. Tonight it’s going down to -25C with the windchill of -41C…..yiminiy. I’m originally from Saskatchewan (“but it’s a dry cold!”) so I’ll manage OK, as I’ve still got my prairie winter grade parka.

    Yesterday the weather was annoyingly mild — which meant that this morning, all the sidewalks were covered by a few centimetres of lumpy ice. Cars parked outdoors didn’t fare much better. This morning I woke to the sounds of neighbours scraping and chopping…..

  77. I’m in Chicago, which should be warming up to -10F tomorrow. I had an incredibly funny call from a relative in South Carolina who asked what the 3F they will be having tomorrow will be like. She was feeling slightly panicked. On the other hand, I’m trying to convince my new roommate from the Boston area that the amount of snow we’ve gotten so far isn’t normal and this level of cold isn’t common. He’s gotten increasingly skeptical as the snow piles up and the temp keeps dropping.

  78. It’s been below freezing in Austin most of the last 24 hours, with a wind chill substantially below that a good part of the day. Tonight is supposed to be brutally cold (for Austin). At least it’s a dry heat. I mean cold.

    I have high ceilings in most of my house, so running the heat higher just costs me more money. I’m sitting next to the fireplace instead.

  79. I’m in London, ON — I think Anton P. Nym and I are nearly neighbours, and right now as I write this, it’s -17C with a wind chill of -35 in Subjective Celsius degrees (1/-23 in Fakey Fahrenheit), with a wind chill warning and blowing snow warning. I can hear the wind and I have the hood on my sweatshirt up (I’m indoors, just been shivering all day for no apparent reason).

    My indoor-outdoor cat went outdoors this morning for all of about thirty seconds, and then came sauntering into the kitchen with this sort of “Oh hell no” look on his face. Me, I cancelled everything and am not even considering leaving the house. Of course, this morning on my conference call, my boss — who is in Jerusalem — had to taunt me about how nice and warm it was there (now that their version of Snowmageddon is over). Gah.

  80. In the Bay Area, we’re not only regaling the newcomers with stories of water rationing from the 70s but living through the longest spell of “Spare the Air” days on record. Which means, even though we’re not buried under snow, I can’t breathe. If my neighbor fires up his fireplace, all the muscles of my rib cage ache.

    Seriously, send some of that precipitation west! And stay warm, y’all.

  81. *brrrrrr* I’m not going to cruelly mention the Seattle area weather.

    Yours reminds me of the two winters I spent in Erie, PA. Before the invention of YakTrax. And yes, I did get blown off my feet by the wind more than once… good times. (not.)

  82. It’s not cold now, but tomorrow, when I have to go to choir practice, it’s supposed to be 3°F (counting wind chill). Not the coldest by any means (the ocean and the Hudson moderate the temperature here) but cold enough when you don’t have a winter coat that’s worth anything (my old one won’t fit, and while my fat keeps me warm, it doesn’t protect my skin).

  83. The high last night was 40f, which was *higher* than during the day. Rained buckets all day (Thank goodness that wasn’t snow!) and melted a ton of snow from Friday. All the rain is now freezing into black ice. 7f tomorrow. -20something with windchill. This weather is nuts.

  84. 11 F here in south-western Virginia. It’s dropped almost 30 degrees since this morning. No snow beyond a dozen flakes before noon today. Not looking forward to going to work at 5:30 am tomorrow, supposed to be into low single digits last I looked. THIS kind of weather is why I left New York!

  85. It’s about 28F here in my part of Alaska right now, and raining intermittently. I am quite happy with this, since it’s usually about -20 pre-wind chill.

    Stay warm, kids.

  86. Here in Covia/Baldwin Park it’s so warm that I sweat enough that my prosthetic nose threatens to drop off when I do something as vigorous as as screening compost in my Commmunity Gardens plot (where I’m also harvesting green onions, beet leaves, lettuces, carrots, pak choi, celery, and edible-pod peas, for stir-fry). [Note that, hey, you can be equally smug next time we have an earthquake — that’s the Essence of the “my climate is better than yours” schtick.)

  87. I remember trying to take a walk on a beautiful, -10 degree day in Northern NY. Bundled up and stepped outside. By the end of the block, my eyelids were frozen, my butt and legs were cold (the origins of the term ‘butt cold’ became clear), my toes hurt inside my boots and double socks, and my big, fluffy, wooly dog wanted to go home.

    We did.

    I’m sending you some warming thoughts.

  88. Overnight low on the front steps was -21.1ºF/-29.5ºC, high today was -9ºF/-23ºC, forecast low -25ºF/-32ºC. I feel decadent, lithium batteries in the remote sender FTW. Minnesnowda, da.

  89. @Colin Hinz: “Yesterday the weather was annoyingly mild — which meant that this morning, all the sidewalks were covered by a few centimetres of lumpy ice. Cars parked outdoors didn’t fare much better. This morning I woke to the sounds of neighbours scraping and chopping…..”

    … In a city that seems to be essentially sold out of road salt. (Which normally I would avoid laying down, but I really don’t want someone to fall on the patch of sidewalk I’m responsible to keep clear, and that stuff seems to have bonded with the concrete.)

  90. Here in the Bay Area we could really use some rain, snow (highly unlikely) or any other type of moisture from the sky. Mid to upper 60’s for temp.
    Glad your better.

  91. Pretty much the same garbage as our esteemed host got, complete with rain that left puddles behind to freeze into ice today, hardly surprising, since it’s only a few hours drive to his corner of the state from mine. Fortunately I’m not quite far enough northeast to get the heavy lake effect snows or this day would truly have sucked. Unfortunately, the coldest weather is probably tomorrow, when I do actually have to leave the house and make the hike to work. Thankfully I am not like most of the idiots I see outside in this weather, I actually have decent winter gear and am not trying to make a spring weight hoodie keep me warm in negative temperatures.

  92. It has warmed up to -25 C with wind chill of -32 C. It was -51 C (including wind chill) a couple of days ago.

  93. Sounds like a good time to crank the furnace up, settle onto the couch with a big mug of hot cocoa handy and a thick throw over your legs, and watch a suitable movie on the DVD.

    I suggest THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. (He said, from the privilege of temps in the high 60’s.)

  94. +8C and siling it down here in the middle of the UK. Had some … erm … *interesting* weather over the last week or so, very glad I live in an upstairs flat at the top of a hill.

  95. Air temp when I took out the trash in the morning was -20ºF. The windchill was approaching -60ºF. I got an ice cream headache without the ice cream, which just seems totally unfair.

  96. +15F in the Boston area. Cold, but not abnormally so for here. It looks like the worst of this freeze is passing us by.

  97. Whenever people talk about how cold it is in the US, I realize there is an entire country north of Minnesota. I have no idea how they live up there. There is a good reality show called ‘Life Below Zero’ where they follow people who live off the land in Northern Alaska. Fun to watch, not fun to participate. This weather also gets me heated up to play survival games for some reason where I pretend to be out in the wild living off the land while sitting at my computer with the heat turned up.

    on a side note, I heard on the radio it is 30 degrees in Anchorage,
    Alaska. Might be a good time to take a vacation north to warm up.

  98. We have real sucky “winter” weather. +7°C today. However, the low pressure area/polar vortex that has created the cold winter weather on the US east cost is moving across the North Atlantic and will hopefully give us hope of real winter at the end of the week: http://www.yr.no/stad/Noreg/Oslo/Oslo/Tokerud_skole/langtidsvarsel.html

    It looked really good for our neighbourhood skiing slope on December 9 http://hsilalpint.wordpress.com/category/liabakken/ …but I haven’t done any updates since then. No point in negative advertising, people can look out of the window and make their own guesses.

    Since around december 10 or 11, there have been small low pressure areas moving in over the British Isles and Iceland and pulling warm wet air up from the south, making what snow we already had melt and rain away.

  99. The cold officially arrived in the suburbs of Atlanta last night with temps getting down to 5 Fahrenheit and windchills of -12. Georgians aren’t really acclimated to this kind of cold, but at least the roads are clear. It’s WAY worse here when we get ice/snow. Then you get Southerners driving in a situtation that they have little-to-no experience with and the roadsides end up looking like the end of a crash’em up derby.

  100. Monday was -22 F when I got up. My car started fine, but the battery on my wife’s car died. I tried to jump it, but my 12 volt wasn’t strong enough. Was very cold in the garage, but had to open the garage door to move my car and hers to attach the jumper cables, exposing me to the wind! With wind chill, -22 rapidly became -52. Coldest I have felt in my 12 years here in Minnesota. Positively balmy today, with morning temp of -14 and current temp of -3 and less wind. May get back above 0 tomorrow. Very pretty with sunshine and snow.
    30 this coming Saturday. If it gets close to 40 this weekend in Minnesota you will see people walking around in shirtsleeves, as we are used to sub-zero temps now, after one of the coldest 5 week stretches ever. I plan to fire up the Weber this weekend and may sit out on the deck with a cocktail as I barbeque.

  101. About 60 yesterday and overcast. We have had a very warm winter here in central California and we desperately need more rain…

  102. It’s the 7th rather than the 6th, but here in Hamilton, ON, we hit record lows at -40 with Wind Chill. Remember, when it’s that cold, Faranheit and Celsius are agreeing with each other.

    …god, I’m cold.

  103. And today when I went out in the morning (1° F by my car outdoor temp gauge) I was thinking it was not that bad. And the 28° F it was when I left work felt positively balmy. Which is crazy.

  104. My meteorological deflector seems to be working here in Seattle.

    For ONE BILLION DOLLARS I will extend it’s field to the Midwest.

  105. Good news/bad news on the popcorn pyromaniac who caused all the excitement in our office building during Monday’s brutal cold spell.

    The good news is that we know who it was.

    The bad news is that the individual is far enough up the ladder that most of us in the building aren’t even allowed in that quadrant, let alone permitted to express our opinions about the inattentive use of microwave ovens.


    On the bright side, today’s high temperature is predicted to be 6 degrees ABOVE zero, so if she decides she wants popcorn again, at least we won’t get frostbitten quite so quickly.

  106. Welcome to Western Australia. 31C today, rising to 43C on Saturday (no seriously, see here: http://www.bom.gov.au/wa/forecasts/perth.shtml). According to the reports from the Bureau, on Monday it got up to a high of 39.1C (here: http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/dwo/201401/html/IDCJDW6111.201401.shtml). The nearest station to me got up to 38.1C (http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/dwo/201401/html/IDCJDW6056.201401.shtml). It’s been a comparatively mild summer here so far.

    Diane: visit Canbrrra. I saw snow the first year I was living there (back in 1999). It’s not that interesting, honest. Particularly when it comes with freezing cold temperatures for multiple months at a time. As someone said upthread – pretty weather to look at through the windows, not so pretty to actually be out in.