The Hugo Award Nomination Window is Now Open

Loncon3, the year’s Worldcon, has begun the Hugo Nomination process for 2014, so if you’re planning to nominate creators and their works this year, you can do it any time between now and 11:59pm PST March 31. Here’s the Loncon3 page with all the information including a link to the nomination form.

You can nominate works if you were a member of the 2013 Worldcon or if you currently have memberships to either 2014’s Worldcon (that’s Loncon3) or 2015’s Worldcon in Spokane. If you do not have a membership to either the 2014 or 2015 Worldcon but would still like to nominate, then you have until January 31st to get a membership. So get on it.

If you need a reminder on what is eligible for consideration this year, here’s a comment thread with more than 120 writers, editors and others talking about their eligible work. And, also, here’s what I have this year.

Happy nominating!

6 Comments on “The Hugo Award Nomination Window is Now Open”

  1. This isn’t actually the “Hugo recommendations” thread, I will note. I’m planning that for a bit later in the year. So please let’s not have too much of it here. Thanks.

  2. Typo: 8 am London is 3 am EST (not 2), which is also midnight PST. I don’t know about Tokyo or Mumbai.

  3. The exact time of the start of nominating is not very important: if you are nominating by post the time of arrival matters, and if you nominate online you need a Hugo PIN which I at least have not yet received.

    There is a oddity in the eligability to nominate which has been there for at least two years. Child members are excluded but supporting members in the same age range, who have paid less, are eligable. Perhaps some suporting member of Lonestarcon3 aged less than 16 could confirm this?

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