Traveling Today

Headed up to the Confusion convention. I expect the weekend to be full of wacky adventures! Will most likely not be around here all that much. Try to survive through the disappointment. This will be a test of your character. Be strong, friends. I will return. And in the meantime, uh, will probably be on Twitter a lot. Yeah.

5 Comments on “Traveling Today”

  1. Seriously, get your butt up here and quick! The tastefully floral carpets and artfully arranged palms make me feel so lonely, like I’m stuck in a jungle. In Detroit.

  2. Have a great time. Please say “Hey” for me to Ian Tregillis at the convention. A former student of mine, who is both a physicist and a novelist who writes about (among other topics) superheroes. Who knew “physicist from Minnesota who writes about superheroes” would be a thing?

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