Traveling Today

Headed up to the Confusion convention. I expect the weekend to be full of wacky adventures! Will most likely not be around here all that much. Try to survive through the disappointment. This will be a test of your character. Be strong, friends. I will return. And in the meantime, uh, will probably be on Twitter a lot. Yeah.

5 Comments on “Traveling Today”

  1. FeetForBrains – Vashon, WA – Easy listenin, hard bowlin, slow mowin, small growin, yard bird with long term, ego driven, unrestrained, malformed visions of fame, fortune, and Princesses. Would love a career smuggling for the resistance damn the Empire’s big guns, blockades and silly Death Stars. Matt enjoys running and is an author

    Seriously, get your butt up here and quick! The tastefully floral carpets and artfully arranged palms make me feel so lonely, like I’m stuck in a jungle. In Detroit.

  2. Have a great time. Please say “Hey” for me to Ian Tregillis at the convention. A former student of mine, who is both a physicist and a novelist who writes about (among other topics) superheroes. Who knew “physicist from Minnesota who writes about superheroes” would be a thing?

  3. “And in the meantime, uh, will probably be on Twitter a lot. Yeah.”

    So business as usual, then? And enjoy your trip!

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